Siemens launches SIMATIC S7-400H redundant controller

S7-400H innovative technology

The SIMATIC S7-400H redundant controller has undergone comprehensive innovations including:

· Integrated PROFINET interface (2 switch ports) in all CPUs;

· A larger number of data blocks and function blocks (same as the standard S7-400 V6 version controller);

· Expanded communication performance and resources;

· In addition to CPU 412/414 / 417-5H PN / DP, a new CPU 416-5H PN / DP is added;

· Supports redundant connections based on TCP / IP (ISO on TCP);

· Support T communication (OUC);

· The integrated PROFIBUS interface can be used as a data recording gateway;

· User-defined master-slave switching function.

All new controllers, including CPU 412-5H PN / DP, have an MPI / DP interface and an integrated DP interface in addition to a PROFINET interface based on a 2-port switch. The integrated PROFINET interface can be used as a system redundant connection for I / O, or for device communication when the I / O connection uses PROFIBUS. The synchronization distance of all new controllers including CPU 412-5H PN / DP can reach 10 kilometers. The programming and configuration of the new version of the processor are the same as before, and they are all performed in the programming environment of SIMATIC STEP 7 (STEP 7 V5.5 SP2).

Synchronization module and FOC synchronization optical cable

The synchronization module of the new version of the redundant controller uses the latest design and is not compatible with the original synchronization module, but the synchronization optical cable has not changed.


The new version of the S7-400H controller is based on the new V6.0 hardware and operating system. The previous version of the hardware cannot be upgraded and the V6.0 operating system can only run under the new hardware.

The new version of the controller is very compatible with the previous version of the redundant controller:

——The application designed for the old version can also be used for the new version of the controller;

——When replacing spare parts, the two controllers of the redundant system and the corresponding synchronization modules need to be replaced together. If the upgrade is from V4 or V4.5 to V6, then the synchronous optical cable can continue to be used. It is not possible to mix new and old versions of controllers in an S7-400H system. Projects currently configured with V4.x versions can use the new V6 version controllers for expansion of new redundant systems.


In order to use the new functions of the V6 controller, you need to use STEP7 V5.5 SP2 plus HF1 for programming.

Supported PROFINET I / O modules

At the same time that the new S7-400 redundant controller V6 was released, the ET 200M station can be used for PROFINET redundant connections for I / O communication with the help of the IM 153-4 high-performance interface module (6ES7153-4BA00-0XB0). Using the new firmware, it can be used in a new redundant system, and the interface template of the previous version can be used by upgrading.

The new version of the firmware has a new PROFINET "system redundancy" function that can be used by the S7-400 PN-H. Other PN devices that do not support system redundancy can only be connected as "unilateral I / O", that is, they can only be assigned to one of the two controllers. For other PN devices that already support system redundancy, they can be integrated into the system with the help of corresponding GSD files.

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