Straight down 1600! Skyworth S9300 OLED high-end TV hot benefits

OLED TVs are the main theme of this year's high-end TVs. In terms of display quality, OLED TVs have a natural advantage over LCD TVs. The Skyworth 55S9300 is the first to use a 55-inch OLED panel. The OLED TV is thin, high-contrast, fast-response, and has a wide viewing angle. The 5.27mm thin and light thickness makes high-end mobile phones self-defeating. The combination of crystal textured Plexiglas and JBL full range audio at the bottom further enhances the high-end quality of the product. The frameless design and backplane metal wire drawing process make the S9300's overall design extremely elegant.

The Skyworth 55S9300 has been upgraded with the new Cool Open System 5.0. The UI design is simpler, faster, simpler, and beautifulr, achieving a balance between speed and aesthetics. S9300 enjoys Geek Life, Skyworth's unique content platform. Geek Max (Video Center), Geek Box (Game Center), Geek Pod (Music Center), and Geek Edu (Education Center) modules are installed on the homepage. Bring you a true home Internet life experience.

The core module of the Skyworth 55S9300 system is the Geek Max (Film and Television Center), and massive content resources are built into it. TV dramas are updated simultaneously with variety shows. The hot movie theaters are very fast and it is enough to watch videos. Skyworth S9300 supports AirPlay, Miracaet, and DLNA multi-screen interactive features. The unique "Television" feature allows you to select programs on your mobile phone and play them on your TV. The manipulation is as simple as that.

Skyworth 55S9300 adopts MStar MSD6A928 Cortex-A17 quad-core processor, Mali T760 MP4 display core, 2G memory +16G flash memory, and belongs to the top level of current smart TV in performance. Support HDMI, USB, Bluetooth 4.0, multi-screen wireless interactive and other external connection. The strong hardware configuration of the Skyworth S9300 not only brings the advantage of running points, but also significantly improves the TV boot speed and control fluency.

Edit Comment: As a keen sports fan, Skyworth S9300 is the most attractive OLED screen with its color performance and excellent response speed. Remote control mouse mode, multi-screen interactive features are the highlights of this product. At the same time, Skyworth's exclusive custom JBL full range audio combination has greatly improved the audio quality of the video playback, and the viewing experience is more real and shocking, allowing people to immerse themselves in and enjoy the fun of watching movies.

Skyworth 55S9300

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