The software that must be understood in the optical design of LED lighting fixtures

The housewife thinks that the lamp is an ornament. The architect engineer thinks that the lamp is a building material, but the essence of the lamp is the light after being lit, so the design of the lamp, the industrial, the heat dissipation, the most essential is the optical design. . In the era of traditional light sources, optical design is a matter of height, but in the LED era, optical design began to push back from the application field, and optical design in lamps became more and more needed, so what do you need to do optical design? software? Let's go to science today.

Mainstream software commonly used by optical designers includes these: TRACEPRO, LIGHTTOOLS, LUCIDSHAPE, UG.


This software makes optical design functions relatively simple, can be easily modeled, and do basic optical tracking! Suitable for beginners. There is no advanced automatic optimization.

Figure: Designing a reflective cup interface with TRACEPRO.

Figure: Simulating the light distribution of an 18 degree reflector.

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