2016 OLED TV Revolutionary Image Quality Revolution

Technological innovation has always been the core driving force for the continuous development of the television industry. The basic form of intelligent ecology, 4K ultra-high-definition became the standard... In 2016, the industry-wide technology hotspots will be the home of anyone? At the FPD China 2016 forum recently held in Shanghai, Li Tinghan, vice president of marketing for LG Display OLED Marketing, stated that OLED organic TV will continue to provide new development momentum for the TV industry, and the combination of OLED+HDR will be the largest TV industry in 2016. Highlights. The OLED organic television is the most suitable display product for displaying HDR (High Dynamic Range). In the HDR TV market in 2016, OLED organic TV will once again lead the revolution in the picture quality revolution and become a pioneer in the development of the TV industry.

HDR leads the fiery concept after 4K Ultra HD

The 4K ultra high-definition of the hot blowout in the past two years is about the resolution of the TV. The HDR technology emphasizes the perception of the human eye and the improvement of the picture quality. As we all know, the human eye's perception of brightness is very wide, ranging from a few thousandths of a nit to several million nits. The quality of the image perceived by the human eye is ultimately closely related to the range of brightness that is ultimately displayed on the output side of the image. The so-called dynamic brightness range, we can understand it as the area between the highest brightness and the lowest brightness of the picture.

The range of brightness that traditional TVs can exhibit is extremely limited, which is far from the range that the human eye can perceive. The reason is that the brightness of traditional TV screens cannot be improved, and dark places are not dark. The result is that the screen perceived by the human eye is poorly perceived and the large amount of detail is lost. HDR technology was born to solve this problem.

Televisions equipped with HDR technology can expand the dynamic range of brightness and display a picture that is similar to the dynamic range that human eyes can perceive, resulting in a more vivid and outstanding picture quality. The core of TV HDR technology is to increase the brightness of the picture and control the brightness of the dark part of the picture, thereby enhancing the contrast between the dark and bright pictures. The application of HDR can greatly enhance the picture details and the sense of hierarchy. The bright part of the picture will be clearer, the dark part will have more depth, and the appearance will be distinct.

Quality Comparison of TV Application HDR Technology

OLED organic TV and HDR match perfectly

Thanks to the individual self-luminous characteristics of each pixel, each pixel can be completely closed, achieving a pure black color. Under the black background, the brightness and darkness of the picture are more intense. Therefore, an OLED organic TV equipped with HDR can precisely control the brightness required by HDR, greatly improving the contrast and color sense of the screen. In other words, when consumers watch the screen, the presented scenery will be more clear, and the things on the screen will also be more three-dimensional and have a sense of presence. It can be imagined that when each detail is clearly outlined and each thing has a rich three-dimensional picture, it is a wonderful visual feast that is presented to the eyes of consumers.

In addition, according to data from professional organizations, the brightness range between the brightest and darkest pictures that an OLED organic TV equipped with HDR technology can display is twice that of ordinary OLED organic televisions. It can be said that adding HDR organic OLED TVs will be the highest level in the field of picture quality this year, allowing us to see more vivid colors and more vivid "View" sector.

2016 China Display Conference OLED TV Show
As we all know, OLED technology is also the highest standard in our display field, and we are struggling to advance in both product and industry. At the 2016 OLED display industry forum, Liu Zhizhi, vice president of Skyworth Group, delivered a speech, bluntly saying that the development of LCD LCD TVs has already encountered a bottleneck. OLED organic TV is the new way out for the development of the TV industry. Mr. Liu also predicts that the price difference between OLED organic TVs and high-end LCD TVs will be reduced to 1.5 times in about 2018, and the two will be replaced and replaced; at the industry level, China Electronics Video Ms. Bai Weimin, executive vice president of the Industry Association, said that the OLED industry alliance is the result of the joint efforts of the upstream and downstream industries to seek common development, and the television industry will also open up a new situation. In summary, as OLED technology matures, the OLED industry continues to grow, becoming the next generation of display technology. OLED organic TV has always led the development trend of the TV industry, and OLED organic power equipped with HDR technology will undoubtedly become the latest trend indicator in 2016.

Before and after May 1, LG Electronics, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong and other machine manufacturers will launch a variety of HDR OLED organic TV. This year, consumers will also have the opportunity to personally feel the revolutionary quality improvement brought about by HDR technology. At the same time, under the strong combination of HDR and OLED, OLED organic television will also achieve sustained rapid development. The 2016 HDR OLED organic TV is highly anticipated.

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