Samsung intends to borrow some space on the back of your hand and open a screen for its watch.

Today, the more mobile phone screens are used, the users have become accustomed to the operation mode brought by the big screen, and also want to expand the screen around them. Here, they also include the smart watches they carry on their hands.

However, smart watches are not the same as mobile phones, and it is impossible to use a screen as large as a mobile phone.

SkinTrack Skin Touch Tracking Technology

To this end, device developers have experimented with various attempts to move the touch area to the arm in addition to the curved screen that covers the arm. The SkinTrack technology previously reported by Ai Faner (WeChat: ifanr) is a good example.

Today, another device manufacturer plans to go deep into this area to provide this technology for its smart watches. That is Samsung.

According to The Verge, Samsung recently filed a patent for its "expanded" technology for smart wearable screens.

A smart watch with this technology can project the screen onto the arm with a certain projection technique. And, like SkinTrack, it captures the user's gesture on the arm and gives feedback to the smart watch, allowing it to complete the action.

In contrast to the development of SkinTrack by Carnegie Mellon University's "Future Interfaces" research team, Samsung goes even further, it can display the contents of the screen on the arm.

As mentioned in the patent document, this can project the enlarged side of the map onto the arm for further operation by the user. At the same time, it can also display more detailed information to fill the problem that the watch screen is too small and the amount of information displayed is insufficient.

However, how to achieve this display method is still unclear.

Gizmodo said in a related report that Samsung may be solved by a projector installed in the watch. And The Verge added that this may work with VR/AR head-mounted devices to achieve this effect.

If you really want to use VR, AR head display to achieve this function, then its practicality will be greatly reduced.

After all, according to the current technology, it is unrealistic for users to bring VR AR heads to life, even HoloLens is the same.

In addition, projection is also a big test for battery life. The battery that can be plugged in by a small-sized smart watch is also limited. If the projector is to be powered on the current basis, the battery life will be more "not enough".

How Samsung solves these two problems when launching new technologies will be the key to determining whether this technology is “not available”.

Holographic projection bracelet Cicre Bracelet

In fact, the concept of Samsung is not a fresh idea. Love Fan (micro-signal: ifanr) has also previously reported that the holographic projection bracelet Cicre Bracelet is the product of this concept. However, it is not yet a usable product. Therefore, Samsung is not a complete newcomer this time.

But their thinking is not wrong. Through some new technologies to "expand" the screen of the smart wearable device, in exchange for a larger amount of information display and a larger operable space, this can indeed bring a further experience to the user.

However, from the current technical limitations, it is not easy to achieve this function. In addition to considering the complexity of display technology and equipment, there is also concern about the impact on battery life. Is this too tossed?

From another perspective, smart wear operations may not necessarily require an extended screen to complete. Doing a good job of speech recognition and voice control is another way. There is no need to impose the operation mode of the mobile phone on the watch, which is a solution.

However, Samsung is now only applying for a patent. How to materialize the technology is another problem. At present, Samsung has not made more disclosure on this issue.

Therefore, users who pay attention to this aspect can only expect and wait.

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