Smart TV is still only a huge flaw in TV operation mode

The concept of smart TV was hot by LeTV and Xiaomi. However, the intelligence of TV is really that important. Most home smart TVs are just used to watch TV and TV. Even if you are playing a mini-game, even if you browse the web and look at the news, very few people use the TV. The new Internet access method around the smart TV that the Internet TV manufacturers think about does not appear. The behavior of TV shopping has not emerged, and people's main online shopping means Still is the mobile phone, the computer, the intelligent television does not seem to be very popular in this respect, the big screen Internet connection should be more popular ah, this is why? Summarized in one sentence is the experience is too bad, the traditional television remote controller is not competent for the intelligence The work of television.

Just like a tablet can't replace a PC, a smart TV can't replace a tablet. Browsing web pages and visiting shopping websites Although smart TV has all the functions of a tablet and a mobile phone, in actual experience, the effect of TV is really bad.

The traditional TV remote control generally has many buttons. The keyboard of the smart TV is generally only about 10 buttons, which are several common function buttons of Android. However, the TV does not have the touch screen function of Android, and the trouble of operation can be considered. However, if you want to enter the name of a product in Taobao on the TV, users may need to press several dozen remote controls, while mobile phones and tablet devices only require a few clicks. In addition to the small number of buttons, the remote control is not very similar in terms of browsing web pages. Conveniently, using the remote control's arrow keys to control the cursor on the TV looks very good, in fact it is very inconvenient to control, you often need a long time to point to the interface you want to point, if today's smart TV Internet What kind of sports is that, like the previous non-touchscreen smart phones, it may be even worse!

The backward operation mode determines that the smart TV is difficult to make a breakthrough in the Internet experience. Even if there is a poor voice input function, it still cannot change the fact that the current smart TV control is laborious. Smart TVs become a new type of smart terminal, and it is very important to overcome operational problems.

The current mouse + keyboard is still the most popular mode of operation, touch screen control is second, the reason why the tablet can not replace pc is the most important reason is the operating experience, surface book in the final analysis is still a pc, it will be the perfect PC and the operation and flat Perfectly combined together. Smart TV If you just watch TV, the current remote control is good enough, but if businesses want it to have a good experience on the Internet shopping, but I am afraid that this traditional mode of operation has not worked anymore, TV manufacturers are in the traditional When the TV was upgraded to a smart TV, it forgot to upgrade its remote control.

Today's smart TV users want to use their own TVs to prepare a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard. Whether TV manufacturers can integrate the keyboard and mouse into a new type of remote control will become the key to the future development of smart TVs.

The new smart TV remote control should have the following functions: At least one keyboard, there must be a touchpad similar to a notebook, now many TVs have the function of mobile phone control, use the mobile phone to do the TV controller, although the screen is a good choice But in essence, it is just a screen shot. It does not directly control the TV, and it is rather troublesome. The new type of smart TV remote control can learn from the keyboard design of the notebook computer. Adding a touch panel under the keyboard, and doing a little more exquisitely, it is estimated that it is a good choice!

In short, the current smart TV has a big problem in the operation mode. There is no problem if you look at the live broadcast of the movie. The slightly more complicated issue may be more troublesome. In terms of surfing the Internet and online shopping, the smart TV is a smart supplement. There is still a long way to go for smart TV in the future!

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