Delip push LED fluorescent lamp driving power LED fluorescent lamp is expected to enter the 50-yuan era

As a new generation of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lighting, LED fluorescent lamps are mostly exported to developed countries in Europe and America with environmental protection awareness. Today, the European economy is lucky enough to escape the recession in the first quarter. The moderate contraction of the economy in the second quarter has become inevitable. The further fermentation of the European debt crisis has dragged down the global economic growth. This will not be a small impact on China's LED manufacturing enterprises. In contrast, in the domestic LED lighting market, only some commercial lighting and public lighting are being tried. The civilian LED market will be launched next year or later, and many domestic LED companies have begun to lay out products and channels.

In fact, the most important problem that the civilian market did not start is the price issue. An ordinary energy-saving fluorescent tube is fixed for more than ten yuan, and an LED fluorescent tube sells for more than 100 yuan. Therefore, the current fluorescent tubes are mainly based on commercial lighting. Because commercial lighting will take into account energy conservation, environmental protection, image, government support and so on.

At present, the quality of LED lamp manufacturers on the market is uneven. Many manufacturers use RC-reducing circuit solutions to reduce the price of finished products. The price of LED light source or malicious dumping LED light source packaged by low lumens is small. Industrial industrial assembly, profit-free survival orders, quick success and plundering customer-style overdraft market behavior, so that users are increasingly confused about the value of LED lighting. What is the constraint on the development of LED? The answer: "the person who does the LED."

LED is currently the most ideal light source to replace the traditional light source, but now LED fluorescent lamps, and some even fluorescent lamps can not match the life, which is the result of some LED lighting manufacturers to sacrifice quality for the market. In fact, the initial LED lighting application has little difference in manufacturing cost and application technology. The market competition of mature LED lamps will focus on comprehensive system control and large-scale industrial manufacturing in the future. At present, the engineering and technical R&D personnel employed by major LED lighting manufacturers are also crossing the river by feeling the stones. The potential of engineers who rarely have independent research and development ideas and unique insights in product development is fully utilized.

Why are LED fluorescent tubes not able to enter thousands of households? There are three main reasons for this: one is because the price is too high; the other is that the government supports and promotes insufficiently; the third is that most of the policies only shout slogans and have not been implemented. Therefore, the market and consumers can not accept the expensive price and performance of LED fluorescent tubes. Let us analyze the cost structure of LED fluorescent tubes.

In the T8 18W LED fluorescent tube cost structure, the light source accounts for about 53%, the driving power source accounts for 14%, the light source part accounts for nearly half of the cost, and the light source part is the core technology of the chip, basically in the international giant. In the hands, the gap between domestic chips and international chips is very large. Coupled with the difference in other materials, the price difference of LED fluorescent tubes from different manufacturers is as low as tens of yuan and 200 yuan. At present, the price of LED fluorescent tubes on the market is mostly between 100-120 yuan/piece. Since November 2009, the price has been continuously lower. With the continuous participation of enterprises, the demand for light source, power supply, housing and other devices continues. Increase, the space for the light source and power supply is still large, and the price of other components such as the casing also has a certain room for decline. It is estimated that at the end of 2012, the cost price of the non-isolated low-priced T8 18W LED fluorescent tube may be under each branch. Within 50 yuan, this will indicate that the 18W LED fluorescent lamp will enter the 50-yuan era.

In the practical application of LED tube, the current LED fluorescent lamp adopts surface-mounting lamp bead. At present, the low-power SMD lamp bead is divided into four types: 5050, 3014, 3528 and 2835. From the perspective of cost accounting, the current 3014 is 0.1W. The normal brightness is 10-11 lm, the highest brightness is 12 lm; the 3528 is 0.06 W, and the normal brightness is currently 7-8 lm. In the case of large-volume procurement (please refer to the company's own business, for reference only), the current price of 3014 is about 0.16; 3528 brightness is about 0.10 unit price of 7-8lm. Then let us give an example: If an LED fluorescent lamp requires 1500 lm, 3014 requires about 140, and 3528 requires about 200. Currently, the price on the market is usually around 0.015. The sum of the lamp beads and the patch fee:

3014 surface mount lamp LED fluorescent lamp cost = 0.16 * 140 + 0.015 * 140 = 24.50
3528 surface mount lamp LED fluorescent lamp cost = 0.10*200+0.015*200=23.00
The following is an optimized configuration for the high-volume production application of Delip non-isolated LED fluorescent lamp power supply:

In summary, in general, the whole LED fluorescent lamp has the same luminous flux, the brighter the single lamp bead, the lower the cost; in terms of visual comfort, the number of lamp beads can reach more than 100, too much significance. Some manufacturers use high current methods to improve the efficiency of the light source, which often leads to serious consequences of shortening the life of the lamp.

XLPE Insulated PVC sheath Alloy Cable is kind of cable, in which the rare earth high compressed aluminium alloy is used as conductor, and PVC is used as Jacket wound around. The insulation adopts XLPE material, featuring with fire & moisture resistance. The whole structure is designed and manufactured elaborately based on advanced international technology and  equipment. It has completely independent intellectual property rights and removed the defects of aluminum cable systematically. It applies to both dry and moist places at the temperature of 90ºC and under.  This cable presents excellent mechanical performance.


Standard: GA306                        Jacket: PVC

Conductor: aluminum alloy              Cores: single core or multicores

Insulation: XLPE                        Feature: flame retarded

Rated voltage: 0.6/1KV, 8.7/10KV, 8.7/15KV, 26/35KV

high compressed aluminum alloy


  • Conductor fatigue resistance
  • Light weight
  • Easy installation
  • Long life span
  • Flame retarded
  • Decent mechanical strength
  • Chemical & acid resistance
  • Creep resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Easy to bend
  • Fire resistant
  • Zero halogen & low smoke
  • Corrosion & abrasion resistant
  • ...

XLPE Insulated PVC sheath Alloy Cable


  • For civil use
  • For commercial use
  • For industrial use
  • Schools
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