Electric fryers revised standards will be released soon to focus on revised technical indicators

It has been more than 20 years since QB/T 1237-1991 "Electric Wok" was implemented. In 2011, relevant departments have already carried out revisions to this standard. It is understood that the newly revised “Frying Pan” industry standard (Standard Plan No. 2010-2729T-QB) was proposed by the China Light Industry Federation and is under the jurisdiction of the National Standardization Technical Committee on Household Electrical Appliances. Zhejiang Supor Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and others in the industry Units drafted together. The revision of this standard was formally initiated in 2011 and a standards drafting working group was established. At the end of 2011, a draft for consultation was formed. In January 2012, the standards drafting working group sent the draft for consultation to the major business units, testing organizations, and standard scientific research institutions in the industry and publicly solicited opinions from the industry. According to the person in charge of the National Household Appliances Standardization Technical Committee, this standard has already entered the approval process in June this year and is expected to be officially promulgated at the end of this year.

Focus on revising technical indicators The reporter saw in the newly revised "Electric Wok" approval draft that the new standard focuses on technical requirements.

Zhang Fan, assistant manager of the R&D department of Zhejiang Supor Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd., who participated in the standard revision work, told the “Electrical” reporter that the new standard is based on the existing products of the market and has been verified through a large number of tests, fully embodying the current market circulation and export of electricity. Wok basic performance and indicators. According to him, the most important technical indicators of the standard are focused on rated power, temperature uniformity and thermal efficiency.

In the preparation instructions, the reporter saw that in terms of rated power, the electric frying pan requires different heating powers to be used for different types or different types of food ingredients, and the heating power corresponding to the volume of the pan body is also different. The standard drafting working group after several discussions, combined with some of the characteristics of other liquid heating appliances, decided to specify the rated power and product volume of the frying arc type frying pan.

According to Zhang Fan, temperature uniformity is an important indicator of electro-frying pans. In response to this indicator, Song Yonghe, an engineer from Guangdong Yilipu Electric Co., Ltd.'s technical department, admitted to the reporter that there had been major differences in the standard drafting working group. “Because of the different heating methods of different companies' products, the temperature uniformity will be different. According to the “Special Requirements for Deep-Fryers, Frying Pans and Similar Appliances”, the approval draft specifies the maximum temperature of the surface of the boiler body below 270°C. The deviation of the surface temperature of the pot body is within 50° C. After verifying the products circulating in the market and each manufacturer's own test, the test data indicates that the standard can meet the current requirements.”

According to the reporter’s understanding, the standard drafting working group initially had different opinions on the method of testing flat-bottomed electro-frying pans because the heating method of this product was different. After the negotiation, the newly revised standard test adopts a method of taking 4 points evenly from the edge of the container holding area to the center at a position of 10mm, and then taking the center point of the pot and adjusting the temperature to the highest setting position. Drying under voltage. After the thermostat starts to operate 3 times, the temperature curve of 3 cycles, 5 test points, the maximum temperature point and the minimum temperature difference at the same time are continuously recorded, and the deviation between the maximum temperature value and the minimum temperature value is within the range. Inside.

The revised standard focuses on the thermal efficiency of electric fryers. "Because electro-frying pans are divided into integral type and split type, and its material is also different in different forms, the standards stipulate that the thermal efficiency of split-type electro-frying pans should not be less than 70%, and the iron pot body and stainless steel pot integral type electricity. The heat efficiency of the wok should not be lower than 75%, and the thermal efficiency of the aluminum wok integral type frying pan should not be less than 80%." Zhang Fan said.

In addition, volume deviation, anti-stick coating, anti-sticking, warm-up time, and trouble-free operation are also key contents of technical requirements. The standard stipulates that the actual volume of the pot should not be less than 95% of the rated volume; for containers with a non-stick coating, the release coating should have adequate adhesion and should not fall off during normal work; Viscous, in normal use, there is no food on the surface of the container; the time required for the center temperature of the pan to reach 200°C, the aluminum pan body should not exceed 5 min, the iron pan and the stainless steel pan body should not exceed 7 min; no fault running time is not Should be less than 200h, after the failure-free operation test, it should still be able to work normally.

The revision stems from the diversification of product forms. "In the early 90s of last century, China's kitchen appliance industry was just starting up. As the emerging category of electric frying pans, not only consumers did not understand, but many law enforcement agencies only stayed in the conceptual stage for this product. The market has improved the overall level of the electro-frying pan industry. In 1991, the relevant departments formulated the “electric fry pan” industry standard.” Song Yonghe believes that when this standard was established, many companies had uneven levels and many varieties, so the standard The threshold is set lower. After 20 years of development, many of the indicators in the original standard have been unable to meet the requirements of the current market and products. Therefore, it is imperative to re-revise the standard of “electric cookers”.

Zhang Fan said that after several years of development in the electro-frying pan industry, the shape and function of the products have changed greatly. “In the past, electro-frying pans were relatively simple in form, and they were based on integrated products. Now that there are many split-type products on the market, they have also changed from the original round pans to the more popular square-shaped pans. In addition, products are now generally protected. Sticky coating."

Regarding the difficulty of revising the standards and indicators requirements, Zhang Fan stated that when drafting the standards, the standard drafting working group conducted product tests on the products on the market. The products produced by the mainstream enterprises could all meet the standards, and only the products whose quality was too low could not meet the requirements. . If the product fails to meet the standards, the company must improve the service life of its components and improve the heating method.

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