How much impact does the processor have on the performance of the phone?

The monk is a student party, but he was influenced by the growth of Huaqiang North when he was a child. He has a different fascination with mobile phones.

In fact, from the impact of the environment, the iPhone 3GS has been using smart phones, and has been changing every generation of Apple products every year. Until the beginning of this year, when I replaced the mobile phone, I felt that the Apple UI was getting closer to Android, so it was like trying Android. At that time, I chose HUAWEI P9 because of unknown public opinion, but it didn’t feel good. After half a year. Just throw it aside, maybe the Kirin GPU is too bad, sometimes playing with pesticides. . . It is also said that the system of HUAWEI is too much.

After a long struggle, I once again took the courage to buy the LG G5 and found that there is no Android card, although some people say that LG's system optimization is also very poor.

Then it caused my curiosity. Many people said that Meizu’s system optimization is good, but the processor is too bad. This year’s Meizu technology tree is awkward, so the machine like the one plus three or the millet uses the dragon’s machine. Isn't optimization and slag enough for our daily use? A few days ago, I found that HUAWEI launched the Kirin 960, saying that the GPU is greatly upgraded and that it has to launch its own system.

At this point, my heart is actually quite tangled, that is, if my P9 installed HUAWEI's own system, will the effect be much better than before?

How much is the processor optimized for all aspects of the system?

Mobile phone CPU is one of the performances neglected by shoppers in daily life. In fact, the most important thing for a smart phone with superior performance is its "core" is the CPU.

How much impact does the processor have on the performance of the phone?

Like the computer CPU, it is the control center system of the entire mobile phone and the control center of the logic part. The microprocessor achieves control by running software in the memory and calling a database in the memory.

Xiaobian Comments: Different people apply different feelings. I use a mobile phone very simple, mainly focusing on life services. Brush social software and play WeChat games. Listening to music has a special national brick, taking pictures with a SLR. As far as my application is concerned, let alone the mate8 used now, even if it is a glory 6plus, it doesn't feel like a card. Of course, when playing Tencent billiards, the mate8 950 plays the ball rolling more smoothly. When doing system backup, mate8 is also much faster than glory 6plus. As for the difference between the speed of one or two seconds when the application is opened, I personally can still bear it.

As for the system of chrysanthemums is too busy? I feel that it is still relatively simple, there are not many apps, and most of them can be uninstalled. As far as the emem of chrysanthemum is concerned, there are not many places to say that it is too good, but he basically gives it to you, and it is relatively stable. After setting it up, you don't need to move it. You can always use it like this. I think this is a setting for business, it doesn't need to be too tossed.

Other systems have not been used for a long time, and there is no right to speak without comparison. I have also posted in a forum to ask, what other brand system has something particularly attractive, but what people say about the function, in fact, most other brands have.

K Rated Transformer


The use of a K-rated transformer is anywhere non-linear loads are present. Prime uses would be in factory automation, computer rooms, and office buildings because of the high harmonic content in these areas, Typically a K-13 rated transformer is sufficient for most applications. UL recognizes K-factor values of 4, 9, 13, 20, 30, 40 and 50. The K-factor number tells us how much a transformer must be de-rated to handle a definite non-linear load or, conversely, how much it must be oversized to handle the same load.

How to choose your K factor transformer?

K1: standard transformers, standard lighting, motors.

K4: Induction heater, SCR, AC drive

K13: School pulse lighting, hospital

K20: Data processing computer, computer room.

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