How to install "DC screen" inside the high voltage cabinet (up5 power supply)

Introduction: Power operation power supply is an indispensable part of the substation, and its reliability is very high. Although DC screens are widely used in power operation power supplies, there are also some problems at the same time, such as waste of resources, low reliability, inability to monitor online, and maintenance difficulties.

How to install "DC screen" inside the high voltage cabinet (up5 power supply)

To solve the problem of DC screen application in power operation, we first understand the relevant requirements for the power operation power supply:

1. With a complete DC screen backup power supply function, it can work for a long period of time after AC power failure, and it can provide uninterrupted power supply.

2, can output 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V single / dual power supply according to need. The long-term output power of the output power supply can be small (if it does not exceed 100W), but it should be able to provide a large instantaneous closing and closing current to the primary equipment operating mechanism.

3. The battery can be automatically discharged and maintained. In the absence of interference, the power supply can be automatically cycled during the set activation cycle. The battery can be discharged and maintained, or manually activated or remotely activated through the background.

4. The number of batteries connected in series must be as small as possible to reduce the overall risk of failure due to inconsistent battery parameters.

5. The power supply needs to be provided with perfect protection measures and alarm functions, and it can upload the operation information to the background through the interface.

In specific operations, what are we going to do?

Install a miniature DC power supply (HMP400 or UP5) in the instrument room of the high voltage cabinet, and allocate a miniature DC power supply to each high voltage cabinet equipped with a circuit breaker. The input of the micro DC power source is taken from the PT or the utility power and the output is stored in the high voltage cabinet. Energy motor, sub closing line and secondary control loop power supply. This method avoids the situation where the failure of the traditional DC screen causes the power supply of the entire substation to lose power. In addition, because the micro DC power supply has the function of automatic activation of the battery, the maintenance workload of the DC power supply is reduced, and the utility model can promptly report an alarm when the utility power failure or the battery failure occurs, further improving the reliability and safety of the system.

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