Smart home home environment monitoring system settings

Temperature and humidity sensor settings

At present, there are two types of temperature and humidity sensors, one is based on radio frequency wireless networking technology, and the other is based on ZigBee wireless networking technology. The setting methods of these two kinds of temperature and humidity sensors are different. The following first introduces the KC868B type control. An integrated temperature and humidity sensor based on radio frequency technology is set on the host.

Open the "Device" in the main interface, select the "Input" item in the upper left corner, select the "Temperature and humidity sensor" column, click the "Add" button, set the temperature and humidity sensor name, floor, room, address code, the highest After the temperature, minimum temperature, maximum humidity, and minimum humidity parameters, click the OK button.

The address code is a number, see the label at the bottom of the sensor. The highest temperature and lowest temperature represent the normal temperature range preset by the sensor. For example, if the input name is the temperature and humidity sensor, and the “OK” button is clicked, the host computer will communicate with the sensor. After the configuration is successful, the item of the wireless temperature and humidity sensor will appear in the device list.

"Add" button: Add a new wireless temperature and humidity sensor.

"Modify" button: Modify the name of the wireless temperature and humidity sensor that has been created.

"Delete" button: Deletes the created wireless temperature and humidity sensor.

KC868B type control host and wireless temperature and humidity sensor for wireless connection, can detect the temperature and humidity values ​​in the room, and can set the upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity, when the preset normal range is exceeded, preset settings can be performed. Actions. You can use the temperature or humidity value as a new trigger source to bind the host's "profile" with the trigger source.

Scenery rain sensor settings

Open "Security" in the main interface and select "Border". Then click "Device", click "Enter", click "Wireless Input" column, click "Add" button.

Name: Wind and rain sensor, user-definable; floor, room: according to the location of the equipment installed; frequency type: 315MHz; coding type: 2262 encoding.

Then click "OK" button, in the process of progress bar scrolling, respectively trigger "wind, rain, light sensor", the host receives the wireless signal sent by the sensor, it will automatically learn and display in the status bar .

Step 3: Return to the main interface, enter “smart” a “scene settings”, create a wind-driven linkage scene mode interface, to create three kinds of scene modes, respectively corresponding to the wind sense linkage, light sense linkage and rain sense linkage.

Note: 30 scenes can be added to the profile window. The minimum time for each action is 1s. The longest can be set in the “Parameter configuration”.

Step 4: Click the Linkage Settings option to enter the trigger source binding item and trigger the source binding interface. Select the wind sensor, light sensor, and rain sensor that have been successfully learned on the left side. Corresponding to the relevant profile, drag to the right trigger source option box, that is, bind the corresponding profile.

Note: Wireless sensors such as wind and rain sensors are used to link common scenarios. They must work in the "armed state" to work properly. Users can enter “security” on the main interface and click “arming”. After the defense, the wireless sensor is triggered to send a wireless alarm signal. After the host receives the signal sent by the sensor, the red receiving indicator will flash to indicate that it has been received. The signal of the sensor, while the host performs the action of the corresponding scene mode.

Air Quality Tester Settings

The air quality detector (also known as U-air smart air box) is designed based on the ZigBee protocol. It does not require code learning. The setting steps are as follows.

Step 1: Log in to the computer client, click "Device" in the main interface, click "Input" - 4 click "PM2.5 Sensor" -) Click "Add" button.

Step 2: In the pop-up "Add" dialog box, set the parameter interface of the air quality detector.

Name: User defined. PM2.5 sensor; floors, rooms: According to the actual location of the air quality detector, is the 14th floor exhibition hall; address code: see the air quality detector bottom label, address code is 30659.

Step 3: After the parameters are set, click the "OK" button and wait for the control panel to match the air quality detector. If the match is successful, the Add Air Quality Detector dialog box automatically disappears, and a successfully matched sensor is displayed on the Air Quality Tester creation interface. If the matching is unsuccessful, the “Airbike Timeout” prompt will appear after the air quality detector addition dialog box waits for 1 to 2 minutes.

Step 4: After the match is successful, return to the main interface. Click “Room” to find the room where the air quality detector is located. After clicking the room, the current PM2.5 value interface is displayed above the room device.

The temperature and humidity value of the gas quality detector and the PM2.5 value display interface on the mobile phone or iPad software.

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