What is the superbook I need? SAMSUNG Samsung 900X3L vs Lenovo Lenovo YOGA4 PRO

In the past few weeks, I experienced the YOGA4 of my classmates and evoked the idea that I wanted to buy another superbook. Saying that my last ultrabook was supposed to be that the 2009 MBA was too old, but now there are several books that can be used at home for more than 2kg, and it's just like YOGA to simply hurt each other because I intend to buy one. Bring a superbook to a coffee shop.

After searching a lot, I locked the target on the ASUS U305 this time, i5+8+512 Jingdong after the coupon is less than 6000.

At this time, I suddenly remembered the Samsung 900X3L which was recommended by the aunt only 840g. Going to Jingdong, the price of 6899 is much more expensive than the above Asus, but only 4G+128G. Now the ultrabooks have to engage in this one, and all of them have only 7Gbytes of memory. . . . . Later, he went to Ma Yun's home and looked at the sale of about 5800.

After this book got really light no one , it should be the lightest 13-inch notebook now, I checked the current ultra-thin mainstream weight, it is even lighter than the 12-inch Macbook and Sophie 4 , And the price is a little cheaper than them

Samsung 900X3L's body is a silver-gray aluminum alloy material, the thickness of 13.4mm, the appearance is pretty pretty. The entire keyboard area sinks, only one intel sticker is relatively clean. The screen border control is good, it is relatively narrow.

Accessories In addition to the power adapter, there is a leather case and a mini LAN port patch cable. Leather case is very good texture

Keyboard backlight brightness is adjustable in three gears.

Touchpad feel and smoothness and MacBook still can not be compared, the sensitivity is good, the cursor does not malfunction or run around in the case of wet hands.

Interface configuration: 2USB3.0 + mini LAN + micro HDMI + 3.5mm audio port + SD slot + external monitor port, one USB can be powered off. So many interfaces are actually useless, accessories only bring the LAN port cable, the other can only buy their own, the price is certainly moving

SD slot has baffle protection.

The two speakers are located in the lower left and lower right corners.

Internal is a single fan design, but also onboard memory, the battery is only 30Wh. . . Want to buy this must be clear! Life time moving!

900X3L vs YOGA4

—— Comparison of appearance

The thickness difference between 900X3L and YOGA4 is 1.5mm, and YOGA4 is thicker

The screen is also YOGA4 thicker, because it is a touch screen, a layer of glass so be thicker.

The screen border YOGA4 is wider, with the same 13-inch screen book, 900X3L overall smaller than YOGA4.

YOGA4's hinged screen axis looks even higher.

The 900X3L C surface is cleaner and it is not easy to leave fingerprints.

900X3L interface: USB3.02, SD slot, mini LAN, micro HDMI, 3.5mm audio port, external monitor port;

YOGA4 interface: 2USB3.0, USB 3.0, USB-C, 3.5mm audio interface, SD slot.

The 900X3L is thinner, more compact, it is not easy to leave fingerprints, and the interface is more plentiful. However, it is basically required to purchase another adapter cable; the YOGA4 interface is less but has a USB-C.

- Screen contrast

The 900X3L has a brighter screen and brighter colors. (Left: 900X3L, Right: YOGA4)

900X3L better light leakage

900X3L grayscale performance is better, the color temperature is colder.

900X3L screen resolution is 19201080, fruit is much larger than 32001800 YOGA4

900X3L screen color is better, YOGA4 resolution is higher

- Hardware comparison

Samsung 900X3L hardware configuration are i5-6200U + 4G + 128G (Jewel), YOGA4 is i5-6200U + 4G + 256G (Hynix)



900X3L - Lite, continuous reading and writing 484/149, 4k reading and writing 25/62, quite residue.

YOGA4 - continuous reading and writing 347/273, 4k reading and writing 8/15, very slag. . .

Both of them are taking the SATA M.2 interface solid state, not as good as my other computer's own installation of the Shiyan M.2, not to mention walking away from pcie's xps and macbook.

900X3L is better, but it is very slag.

- Battery


YOGA4 - 66Wh

900X3L battery is too small, life is only five hours. YOGA battery is relatively large. ,


In the end I think 900X3L is more suitable for me

Although YOGA is very strong in both appearance and functionality, if I choose to morph, touch and light, I will choose light and thin . Because I rarely need to use a change of position, there is no need for touch, when the tablet, 1.29kg tablet is still too heavy ..... And Samsung this is better to meet my needs, The lightest weight, but the screen is good, similar to the Macbook's color, the appearance is also good. The disadvantage is that the battery is too small! ! !

Tell everyone, 1.29kg YOGA, don't fantasize about using it as a tablet. You can only use it on the table...

Finally in Tucao, these manufacturers when more sincere! ! ! Can directly give 8G memory! Onboard you can not add ah  

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