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[PConline trial] 80-inch TV was once a whimsical size for LCD TVs, but this year Sharp brought an 80-inch large LCD TV LCD-80LX842A, which is the largest in the industry after Sharp's 70-inch LX732. Full HD LCD TV. Continuing this approach, apart from highlighting Sharp's strength in LCD technology, it is also one of the important reasons why it wants to develop the market for large-size TVs with a size of more than 60 inches.

Sharp LCD-80LX842A picture evaluation forum offer

How big is this 80-inch TV, and it's hard to see the LX842 in the field alone. However, the 60-inch, 70-inch, and 80-inch joints on the stand allow the TV to show its size advantages. In fact, the 80-inch is 1.3 times the size of the 70-inch TV and 1.7 times the 60-inch. The advantage on the screen is not Conceived. It is worth mentioning that this TV is very similar to Japan’s GL7, which was listed on June 20, and the time-to-market is only two weeks away. This shows Sharp’s emphasis on the Chinese market.

Sharp LX842 not only has a large 80-inch size, is also the top configuration in the picture quality, equipped with a full-HD Guilin Li four-color technology panel, smooth and smooth processing 400 times faster technology, upgraded active shutter 3D technology, and increase the smart application With the BesTV and other Internet features, narrowing the gap with other smart TVs is a rare Japanese quality new product, but it is worth noting that this is still a full HD (1920 × 1080 resolution) TV.

What are the advantages of large-size TV?

In order to verify the advantages of the large-size TV, Sharp moved out of the previous research results, in which the relationship between the viewing angle of television and audiovisual perception is the most critical. The audiovisual experience is improved at a viewing angle of about 20 degrees, and it can achieve better visual effects at 30 degrees.

Sharp also gives a relationship between the viewing distance and the size of the TV, which is different from the television distance table that we have always used as a reference. The optimal TV at 2.6 meters is 70 inches, while the giant 80-inch screen has just been able to achieve a viewing distance of 3 meters. As a result, the television size of normal families needs to be updated. Of course, I think this is a bit exaggerated, not every family needs to watch the movie's general viewing experience.

The concept of a 30-degree angle of view is not common in previous flat-panel televisions, but the HMZ-T1, Sony's head-mounted display device, which was previously reviewed by the author, has introduced this concept, and it is exaggerated in perspective, reaching 45 degrees. Viewing angle. Therefore, what Sharp has to emphasize here is more of a sense of presence. Just like watching a movie at a movie theater, the large size of the curtain is an important reason why we can invest. If you need to watch Blu-ray high definition sources at home, then a 60-inch display device is indispensable.

Therefore, the LX842 is actually a very high-end TV. The domestic price is estimated to be as high as 80,000 RMB. Compared with the 55-inch OLED TVs that are ready to go on the market, it is also much more expensive. Naturally, it is not a product that can enter ordinary families. However, TV is still evolving. Perhaps 3 or 4 years later LCD TVs will compete with OLEDs in terms of size. At that time, large-size TVs can truly enter the homes of ordinary people.

Carry 80-inch largest LCD Sharp released 2012 TV new

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Appearance: Continuing Sharp Sense of Luxury Brushed Metal Texture

Sharp TV's promotion in China has always been to take the luxury line, remembering that in previous TV commercials of Rene Liu are wearing elements like evening dresses and phoenixes. In addition to emphasizing the color appearance of the panel, the appearance of luxury is also an important part. This time, the LX842 also continued Sharp's style, with its brushed copper metal trims and delicate bases.

Because of the special size of 80 inches, the LX842 cannot be made thinner on the border, and the processing of metal trims is inconsistent with the current tendency of the flat panel TV to weaken the frame, but it has maintained its own style.

However, looking closely at the workmanship of the fuselage is quite exquisite, the border has also maintained the consistent style of Japanese manufacturers, like to mark all the technical names. The common labels are Japanese original panels, X-ray crystal panels, and four-color technology. Unfortunately, the color technology used on X50A and X55A has disappeared. It seems that LX842 has no Local Dimming control. The backlight technology is over.

From the side, it can be seen that the metal trim uses a whole piece of curved inlay, so there is no doubt that these trims are real metal.

LOGO or Sharp has always been the style, no backlight design, technology products made this style, Sharp is also unique.

It can be seen from the side that the LX840 is also a large piece in thickness, and the thickest part reaches 9.9cm, but Sharp has not been a manufacturer of thickness for a long time. The lower half of the projection should be part of the speaker. It is equipped with two 7.5W 2.1-channel speakers and a low-vibration DUBa subwoofer. This big voice will certainly not disappoint.

In terms of interface configuration, the LX842 is equipped with 4 sets of HDMI, 1 set of PC, 3 sets of USB, 1 set of color difference components, 1 set of optical audio and other interfaces, and directly supports the linkage capabilities of DLNA, MHL, and smart portable devices.

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Quality: Four-color Guiliyan panel with excellent color performance

As a TV with a big picture as the main selling point, Sharp LX842 naturally takes no thoughts on the picture quality, equipped with a four-color technology panel, X super-crystal original Japanese panel, UV2A technology, smooth smooth processing 400 technology, and newly upgraded 3D Features. Among them, the “Graceful” four-color panel technology is the core image quality technology in Sharp's high-end televisions. This technology adds Y-yellow sub-pixels to the RGB red, green, and blue sub-pixels. A wider color gamut with more detailed images.

As a new sub-pixel is added, the display of the image will be more accurate than the traditional three sub-pixels, and the higher image quality can be achieved by combining with the Vickers quality technology (controlling each sub-pixel separately). . There was also a comparison of the real machine at the conference site, comparing the four-color technology panel TV (left) with the same brand of ordinary LCD TV (right, it should be LX620).

It can be seen that not only the four-color technology panel on gold and yellow display has a great advantage, even the blue screen is throwing away from the ordinary LCD for a certain distance, which will give people the color of the four-color technology panel. More real this feeling. In addition, on the whole black screen, the four-color panel model is even better. It seems that this method of increasing the number of sub-pixels is also an effective way to improve the image quality.

In terms of energy consumption, TVs equipped with four-color technology are also lower. In some screens, it is possible to reduce energy consumption by more than half. It is really not necessary to worry about the power consumption of TVs.

Application: New experience in active 3D application of human-computer interaction

In terms of intelligence, the LX842A adopts a new smart interface, and more technical support is provided in the browser and smart applications, making the TV operating system more concise and convenient. Correspondingly, a smart key is set on the TV remote controller, and the user can directly adjust to the smart interface with a single key. 3D playback is also convenient. When “3D source identity information” is detected in the input signal, the screen automatically switches to 3D mode. All operations are easy to learn, both children and old users can learn to manipulate it in the shortest possible time.

In addition, the smart interface adopted by the LX842A is more beautiful and user-friendly. At the same time, time, date, and weather are displayed on the page, and the smart interface is clear at a glance. It is worth mentioning that, LX842A also supports DLNA home entertainment Internet, WIFI wireless Internet access, it can be in the home appliances, PCs, mobile devices to achieve music, video, pictures and other digital audio and video files seamless sharing, so that multi-screen interactive No longer out of reach, it can also satisfy the family's surfing pleasure on the Internet. With LX842A, your entertainment life is wonderful.

Editor's summary: In the on-site trial, the size of 80 inches does leave a very deep impression on the author, at the best sight distance of 3m there will be a very shocking picture effect, I believe if it is an 80-inch 4K resolution super clear TV Will bring more shocking experience. In fact, for most consumers, the 80-inch big-screen TV can still enjoy it. After all, the retail price of 80,000 yuan is limited. However, the LX640 series TVs that were listed in the same period have more affordable prices, and they also cover the mainstream sizes 70, 60, and 46.

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