Which of the four smart TV cool new games is your favorite?

When consumers purchase TVs, they are not limited to simple “look”, but more personalized smart systems, rich online video, and many popular large-scale games will bring us more colorful smart TV new games.

Smart TVs can achieve a lot of functions for us, such as playing games, karaoke, video chat or downloading application software. To a certain extent, we can already let go of mobile phones, pads or other smart devices while experiencing smart TVs. Devices, because smart TVs have been able to achieve all their functions, and bring us a more shocking, real-life big-screen entertainment experience.

Today, Xiaobian is recommending practical smart TV products for different systems. Whether you like the minimalist and fast experience or the “Iron Man” type of scalable TV, I believe that you can find different new smart TV games here. .

・Speed ​​Experience: Hisense LED55K7100UC

Hisense K7100UC eye-catching series of new products equipped with ULED display technology, very narrow quantum dot spectrum, allowing users to feel more real, rich color performance. At the same time, the latest VIDAA3.0 system has also been adopted in terms of intelligence. Hisense TV's signage products such as “Good-looking” and “Funny-to-play” can also be intuitively experienced through Hisense's K7100UC eye-catching series.

・Upgradable TV: Changhong CHiQQ2C

CHiQ TV 55Q2C direct mainstream format 4K video playback, while the curved screen design is more suitable for human eye viewing habits, can bring a surround-view visual experience experience. The live broadcast customization function of CHiQ TV 55Q2C can be used to push the most popular live broadcasts and the most popular live broadcast programs for users. If you want to watch, you just need to go directly to the viewing.

The CHiQ TV 55Q2C is equipped with a M+ dual-core configuration. The current hottest wild car 8 can be played directly on the CHiQ TV 55Q2C. At the same time, the module also has a built-in grape game hall. No matter what the game is, it can meet the user's needs for large-screen entertainment. .

・One-screen dual display: Konka LED50X9600UE

Konka LED50X9600UE is a 50-inch ultra-high-definition smart cloud TV, this TV uses a very narrow frame design, allows users to get a greater perspective and angle when watching TV, while Konka LED50X9600UE TV supports dual-channel function, that is, Said that Konka LED50X9600UE TV supports simultaneous playback of two television programs, users can wear different glasses to watch.

・ Mango TV Resources for free: TCL D50A910U

TCL D50A910U TV is a new 4K smart TV launched by TCL and Mango TV. Users can see Mango TV legitimate massive video resources through the TCL D50A910U TV, and can also play videos, pictures, and other content through storage devices. The new MANGO UI seamlessly integrates Mango TV content. Whether it is the latest on-line or classic blockbuster, you can always watch it.

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