"Abandoned" rumors to be solved Shenzhen LED enterprises look forward to the new policy

Shenzhen LED industry planning "abolition" one out, one stone stirred up thousands of waves. Regarding the LED "discontinuation", the Shenzhen government's three-pronged attitude has made the community speculate that the news of the "LED industry was abandoned by Shenzhen" on the Internet is rampant. More people in the industry worry that this will continue, the LED industry giants may be like the four major star companies in Shenzhen (ZTE, Huawei, China Merchants Bank and Ping An Insurance), the "moving capital" storm, Shenzhen fears will be trapped again ".

Why is the "Planning" that is so promising for LED prospects suddenly abolished? The “waste order” came out, and many people in the industry had the speculation that this industry had been abandoned by the Shenzhen Municipal Government. What is even worse was that “the LED industry has touched the 'ceiling' in Shenzhen”.

The public is "霾" volt: Who is the "waste"?

Once known as the "Shenzhen Treasure" in the LED industry to create a rising myth, why suddenly abolish LED planning? In recent years, what contribution has the Shenzhen government made to the LED industry? What is the implementation of the policy? Does the Shenzhen enterprise really benefit from it, and is the policy plan effective? After the plan was abolished, these problems immediately caused an uproar.

In the investigation, the reporter found that on March 7, 2009, the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government issued the "LED Industry Development Plan (2009-2015)" (hereinafter referred to as "Planning") to the people's governments and municipal departments directly under the district. According to the "Planning", "Semiconductor lighting based on LED technology has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, long life and easy maintenance, which will lead to a new light source revolution." As one of the "four major regions of the LED industry", Shenzhen, It should actively promote the development of the LED industry.

In terms of development goals, the "Planning" requires: By 2010, the annual output value of the LED industry in Shenzhen will reach more than 28 billion yuan, and cultivate and develop more than five influential enterprises with an output value of more than 500 million yuan; by 2015, the scale of the industry will be With an annual output value of more than 130 billion yuan, we will cultivate and develop more than one enterprise with an output value of more than 10 billion yuan, two or three enterprises with an output value of more than 5 billion yuan, and more than 10 enterprises with an output value of more than 1 billion yuan. The "plan" is still strong, and the focus of development should be on the technical fields of chips and packaging.

Although the planned goal of 130 billion yuan is really bloody, the reporters found that some companies were indifferent to the investigation, and some did not even know the existence of the plan.

The reporter then found in more than 20 local LED companies in Shenzhen that the high-level executives of these companies were also confused about the abolition of planning.

Gu Yongde, president of Maoshuo Power Technology Co., Ltd., said that he is not very clear about the specific reasons for the abolition of the plan, but the target customers of Maoshuo are facing the global market, and the business in Shenzhen is very small, so the plan abolished the The power supply has basically no effect. Some insiders also revealed to reporters that many LED companies in Shenzhen are taking the market route. Their target customers are not many in Shenzhen. The abolition of this plan has little effect on most LED enterprises in Shenzhen.

"Shenzhen's policy is a lot, but there are so many porridge, and there are still very few enterprises that can really benefit. Many LED companies in Shenzhen are developing rapidly, and they all rely on the real competition in the market competition." The executives complained in an interview.

An industry insider told reporters: "There are also many places in the industry that require government supervision and policy guidance. For example, some enterprises rely on subsidies to take projects, but the technology is very scarce. Like the core parts such as chips, they can only Relying on imports. There are many small enterprises that even the R&D department does not, directly plagiarize, and then fight the 'price war' to make the market that is not standardized more chaotic. These are urgently needed to be sorted out by the relevant functional departments."

Chai Guangyue, director of the Department of Optoelectronic Science and Technology at Shenzhen University, said that the LED in Shenzhen is still the largest in the country, but the development speed has lagged behind. It is recommended that the government pay attention. An industry scholar who is unwilling to disclose his name also said that the Guangdong provincial government has given semiconductor lighting as one of the three new strategic industries to support it. Shenzhen's abolition plan and the keynote of Guangdong Province are somewhat contradictory, so it is easy to cause controversy.

"The policies of the year made the company go to the market. It happened that it was not long before it encountered the economic downturn in Europe and the United States. At the same time, the Shenzhen government's support for this industry was "the thunder was loud and the rain was small." The whole industry lost its way." The executives of the home lighting industry said that "the government should make it prudent and cautious, and it is easy for the people to create resistance."

“The development plan of the enterprise is generally formulated according to the government's planning requirements, and it should be consistent with it. Now, the “discontinuation” is easy to bring confusion to the whole industry, especially Shenzhen is also playing the role of reform pioneer. Every move in Shenzhen may cause a butterfly effect in China and around the world." The general manager of a listed LED company said frankly.

Enterprise anger: "The second photovoltaic industry" is purely misunderstood

After the "discontinuation" in Shenzhen, the official said on the Internet that an official who did not want to disclose his name said that the implementation of "discontinuation" was worried that "the LED industry will become the second photovoltaic industry." In this regard, the high-level lighting companies such as Qinshang, Maoshuo, Rishang, Yuanfang Optoelectronics have refuted this argument and firmly stated that "LED is unlikely to become the second photovoltaic industry."

“The photovoltaic industry that once flourished in the past few years has fallen from the mountain peak to the bottom of the valley. The domestic first-line enterprises have fallen into a huge economic downturn. But the LED industry is by no means the second photovoltaic industry. Because the LED industry not only has The huge domestic market is supported, and there are strong foreign markets to rely on, and the LED application field is very wide, and more importantly, the technology is still developing.” Qin Chuanjun, vice president of Maoshuo Power Technology Co., Ltd. responded.

According to a research institute's estimate, the global high-brightness LED output value will reach 11.29 billion US dollars in 2013, and the annual growth rate will be 15.8%. In China, if all the lights in China are replaced by LEDs, the amount of electricity saved in lighting in the whole year is equivalent to 2.5 Three Gorges Hydropower Stations. If LED lighting is applied in civilian use, the bright future is certain, LED lighting will be one of the largest emerging industries in the world.

"The LED industry is the healthiest and most promising industry. The next step in the LED market is still very huge. As long as there is technical content, technology will stay ahead, even if the economic situation fluctuates, it will take the initiative in the market competition." The person in charge of the listed company in the lighting industry said in an interview.

At present, it seems that in the lighting market, LED dealers selling regular manufacturers' products are more positive and optimistic about the LED market performance, and also have the intention of gradually expanding the proportion of LED products; while the owners of small brands and even assembled products are relatively conservative, LED products The future development office will wait and see.

Blame "abandonment" and look forward to the new policy

Shenzhen LED planning from the original scenery, to today's abruptly abolished, will undoubtedly bring obvious pessimism to the LED industry in the global economic winter. The government’s ignorance of the “abuse” has caused speculation in the community. Many online media have reprinted the news that enterprises were abandoned by the Shenzhen government. What is more, they have linked them to the events of the four major enterprises in the past, "moving the capital" in Shanghai, and believe that improper handling may lead to the relocation of many LED companies from Shenzhen.

"If Shenzhen does not want us, then we can only go." Several lighting companies executives excitedly spit out to reporters. "The abolition of this plan has little effect on our company, because our company was originally trained in the big waves of the global market, but if Shenzhen is indifferent to the development of the LED industry, some companies may compare the favorable policies of other regions. Make a choice of 'moving the capital'." A senior member of Bangbel expressed his concern.

Concerning the concerns of enterprises, an industry insider said that although Shenzhen has canceled the “Planning”, Guangdong Province still listed the LED industry as one of the three emerging strategic industries to support it. Overall, the policy environment is still improving. Shenzhen's support for the LED industry has always been in a supportive attitude.

Regarding the abolition of this plan, the person said that the relevant functional departments of Shenzhen made this decision, mainly in three aspects. The first is that the time for formulation is earlier, it is not suitable for the current development of the LED industry; the second is the LED planning of Shenzhen. It is covered in other relevant policies; the third is that the relevant policies of the country and Guangdong Province also cover the contents of Shenzhen LED planning. In addition, the policy abolishment of an industry plan will have some impact on this. I hope that all major companies can take this matter sensibly, not to be misled by people who do not know the truth, and also hope that the relevant functional departments in Shenzhen can do so as soon as possible. The introduction of an effective industry-specific policy, some malicious rumors will not break.

( This article is reproduced on the Internet. The texts and opinions expressed in this article have not been confirmed by this site, nor do they represent the position of Gaogong LED . Readers need to verify the relevant content by themselves. )

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