Expo Beijing Pavilion refuses to waste 100% 100% recycling of LED screen

Environmental protection is not only the city concept highlighted by the Beijing Pavilion, but also fully reflected in the construction of the Beijing Pavilion. After the Expo, all the steel beams and LED screens of the Beijing Pavilion will be 100% recycled. In order to realize the recycling of building materials, the Beijing Pavilion did not use the method of comprehensive welding in the construction process, but adopted the technology of “bolt + spot welding” to ensure the complete separation and utilization of building materials in the future.

Beijing Pavilion turned into "Bird's Nest"

About Expo Beijing Pavilion

The Beijing Pavilion has an area of ​​600 square meters and is located at the entrance of the provincial and municipal pavilions. The exhibition area can be magically “transformed” into several major landmarks such as the Temple of Heaven, the Bird's Nest, the Water Cube and the National Grand Theatre, showing Beijing's architectural essence and technological creativity. It takes only a few minutes for the Beijing exhibition area to use the “telescopic arm” and the façade LED lights to complete the “deformation”. The “deformation” frequency will be adjusted mainly according to the on-site visitor flow.

Beijing Pavilion turned into "Water Cube"

During the World Expo, the Beijing Pavilion will fully display the new Beijing architecture, the Olympic Fuwa, the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and the scene of the people living and working in harmony with people and nature. The green and harmonious city style runs through the waiting area to the exhibition exit. At the same time, the success stories of Beijing Guoao Village will be exhibited in the Best Practice Area of ​​the Expo City. Among them, the construction and application of renewable energy such as “light, heat, cold, wind and ground” in Guoao Village The high-tech of ecological architecture will become a bright spot.

Beijing Pavilion transforms into the Temple of Heaven

Beijing Pavilion turned into the National Grand Theatre

Strip light with both RGB colorful light and warm light, the length of the strip light is 2 meters, 60pcs LED lamp beads inside are high-quality and energy-saving , the light source is stable without strobe.

The installation is very simple, just need to peel off the 3M glue on the back, you can paste and decorate any place.

With the exclusive designed 2.4G remote controller, get you off the switch and turn on / off the lights anywhere, one remote controller can set 4 groups, each group is recommended to match up 8pcs bulbs, one remote controller can max control 32 bulbs. This remote controller is suitable for all 2.4G version of RGBW products under [linkuphome".


The remote control uses colorful touch buttons, the color touch buttons are comfortable and sensitive. The remote controller has the functions of grouping, lighting, brightness adjustment, color light automatic cycle mode, three cycle speeds can be choosed. The wireless control distance is around 20 meters. Low power consumption makes the remote controller only need 4pcs AA batteries, but can be used for two years.

Product Parameters

Description: Smart RGB Strip Light with 2.4G Remote Control
Control Qty: 1-48 pcs 
Control distance: 20m
Material: Polyurethane with 3M back adhesive
Working  Voltage: 100-240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Lamp Color: RGB+Warm White
Color Temperature: 3000K
Meters: 2 Meters
LED Power: 7W 
Power Adapter: 12V/2A
Product Specification: 30pcs LED beads/M, 2 M/root, total 60pcs LED beads.
(3pcs strip lights can be connected, max to 6 meters.Need customized. Pls inform in advance if needed)
Warranty: 2 Years
Color box  size: 20*18*4.8cm
G.W. of  Unit: 0.29kg
N.W. of Unit: 0.21kg

Discreption: 2.4GRF Wireless RGB Remote Controller 
Product dimension: 105mm *33mm, 
Product Net Weight: 150g
Material: ABS & Metal
Battery: 4*AA battery (not included) 
Working Power: 6V
Standby Power: 3 mW
Frequency Band: 2400-2483.5MHz/2.4GHz
Control Distance: 20m
Control bulb qty: 1-32 pcs
Packing: Each in a color box
Warranty: 1 Year
Color box  size: 16.7*14.7*4.5cm
G.W. of  Unit: 0.22kg
N.W. of Unit: 0.15kg

Strip Light With Remote Control

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