LED enters general lighting to solve the problem of standardization and large-scale production

The general lighting market has a large capacity, and the terminal consumer market is relatively scattered, and it is not easy to form a monopoly. Domestic enterprises have a vast living space. Moreover, once the cost of semiconductor lighting is reduced and the quality reaches the level of general lighting, its growth is limitless. If LED lighting products can gradually replace energy-saving lamps and double-ended fluorescent lamps, it is believed that there may be nearly 100 billion US dollars in the potential general lighting market. The general lighting market will eventually develop into the largest market for LED applications.

With the rapid development of white LED technology and the continuous improvement of luminous efficiency, its advantages of “energy saving, environmental protection, long life and no stroboscopic”, white LED will gradually replace the traditional light source into the mainstream general lighting system. However, due to the cost limitation of white LEDs and the high quality requirements of indoor lighting, white LEDs still have many technologies to be improved. The main goal is to gradually replace incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. Standardized LED double-ended lamps are also entering. In the field of indoor lighting, it will gradually replace double-ended fluorescent lamps; HID and LED will develop simultaneously for a long period of time. Due to its high luminous efficiency and cost-effective economy, metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps will continue to develop rapidly during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period. When promoting LED street lamp applications, LED street lamp applications should be focused on secondary roads, sidewalks, and squares. And gardens and other places. Because the luminous flux of LED is almost linear with cost, and the application range must be compatible with the state of the art, LED is currently not suitable for high luminous flux applications. Take the first easy and then difficult approach, when the time is ripe, then apply to the main road and high pole lights for large-scale promotion. Referring to the safe practice of promoting LED street lamps in the United States, before the large-scale promotion, first conduct tests, tests and on-site assessments, then propose revisions and quickly establish standards and rigorous long-term planning, so that you can reduce detours and avoid blindness and overheating. The negative impact.

LEDs should enter the general lighting field. On the one hand, they should promote the standardization of products, on the other hand, they should promote the large-scale production of products. LEDs gradually replace traditional light sources, and it is recommended to take the route of traditional light sources, which is more convenient for industrialization and large-scale production, and gradually promotes applications. In short, the huge market of LEDs will definitely become a huge industry, but the promotion of the route and the maturity of its own technical standards will require further discussion, especially in the field of general lighting products and industry. It is precisely because the technology of LED is still under development, the possibilities of various applications are still quite large. I believe that in the future, more general lighting applications, including large areas, will be opened because of the improvement of luminous efficiency and cost reduction. In the field of lighting, this is a long-term goal. (From "Semiconductor Lighting" magazine, 2010, Issue 4, edited by maysoong)

Copper Foil Adhesive Tape

Copper foil adhesive tape applications:

·  Electrical connection between surfaces (sheets / foils)

·  Mounting transparent foils, windows for EMI/RFI shielding

·  Shielding in housings and Faraday cages

·  Cable shielding (Wrap arround the cable)

·  Temporary shielding during emission and immunity tests

·  Antistatic floor (ESD floor)

·  EMI/RFI shielding (EMI/RFI shielding tape/gasket)

Maxi Width:990mm Maxi Length:100Metre
Adhesive thickness:0.05mm Liner thickness:0.015mm
Copper thickness:0.035mm to 0.1mm Resistivity:Less 0.05ohm/sq
Peel strength :1.6kg/25mm
1.Backing non-conductive adhesive
2.Backing nickle conductive adheisve(<0.03ohm/sq)

Standard length is 25meter or 50meter

We could cut any width as customer request.

 Copper foil adhesive tape

Copper Foil Adhesive Tape

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