Zhongshan Xiaolan Town was identified as the sixth batch of international science and technology cooperation bases in Guangdong Province

After review by the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province and on-site demonstration, Xiaolan Town of Zhongshan City was identified as the sixth batch of international science and technology cooperation bases in Guangdong Province. This is also the first international technology cooperation base for semiconductor lighting industry in Guangdong.

With its good industrial development foundation in general lighting, combined with its own characteristics and technological advantages, Xiaolan Town vigorously promotes the demonstration application of LED products, drives the accumulation of industrial clusters, and accelerates the pace of industrial technology research and development and industrialization. In 2009, it won the title of “Guangdong Province New Light Source High-tech Application Base”, and a number of strong lighting enterprises such as Langeng Electric, Hongbao Electric, Taiteng Lighting, etc. emerged. Xiaolan Town attaches great importance to the introduction and absorption of international talents and technical resources. In recent years, it has carried out LEDs with Yamagata University, Japan's Yamato Studio, Taiwan Productivity Center, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Germany STEINEL Corporation, and Japan Electronics Co., Ltd. Projects such as lamp application development, OLED application development and talent training, and plans to establish LED industry technology application research and development center, LED semiconductor lighting industry comprehensive test and development platform, semiconductor lighting product regional trading center, semiconductor lighting technology talent training platform in the next three years. International scientific and technological cooperation intellectual property service platform and other institutions, focus on research and development of a number of key common technologies of the LED industry, train a group of industrial and technical personnel, promote a number of advantageous enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and continue to provide support for industrial development.

The person in charge of the Zhongshan Science and Technology Bureau said that Xiaolan Town successfully established a provincial-level semiconductor lighting industry international cooperation base, which will promote Zhongshan City to further improve the semiconductor lighting industry public service platform and support system, and accelerate the integration of Xiaolan Town and even the city's semiconductor lighting industry resources. We will accelerate the cooperation between the regional semiconductor lighting industry and international advanced R&D institutions, and enhance Zhongshan's LED regional R&D, technology development and scientific and technological achievements transformation capabilities, and become an important LED industry innovation center and scientific and technological achievements transformation base.

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