Urban landscape lighting should be moderate

At present, the over-discharge of urban landscape lighting is becoming more and more serious, which wastes a lot of energy and intensifies the power shortage. It is contrary to the idea of ​​building a conservation-oriented society and should be highly valued.

The demand for electric energy is growing more and more in economic and social development, and the dependence on electricity is getting stronger and stronger. The gap in power supply appears from time to time. Efforts to alleviate the contradiction between power supply and demand is a very urgent reality. There is water in the water, and there is no need for electricity. At present, we are not only faced with the shortage of power resources, but also there is a serious waste of power resources. Man-made waste of electricity has become an important cause of insufficient power supply. In recent years, a large number of landscape lights installed in the city have improved the overall image of the city to a certain extent, but also caused huge waste of resources. Excessive light sources create severe light pollution. Under the slogan of one-sided manufacturing "artificial white enamel", various lighting projects are surging, even if some small county towns and small towns are also big nighttime landscape projects. These landscape lights consume a lot of electricity and have long opening hours, causing new environmental pollution and increasing energy consumption, which is distressing.

The landscape lights of many cities are not only necessary to set up, but also unnecessary for overnight opening. The role of these landscape lights is only a icing on the cake, and it will not adversely affect public life. But the huge social resources wasted by countless landscape lights have been ignored by many people. Experts believe that many places have ignored the issue of light pollution while unilaterally emphasizing lighting. All living things on earth are living in the natural laws of day and night, and contrary to the laws of nature, blindly engaging in "the city that never sleeps" will inevitably lead to a series of serious ecological consequences. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring basic lighting and not affecting the normal night life of the masses, closing or removing the landscape lights that are not suitable for use is not only for saving, but also for promoting the concept of healthy living. In the case of energy shortages, we need solid energy-saving actions. The 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China raised the resources to the height of the basic national policy, and the low-carbon goal has been incorporated into the long-term planning of social development. We should take it seriously and start from scratch.

Energy conservation and emission reduction are important in practice. Minimize unnecessary energy waste. On the one hand, it depends on the public's consciousness, and at the same time, it needs policy and administrative intervention adjustment. For example, it is possible to levy high electricity bills on landscape lights that are excessively excessive and cause light pollution, prompting relevant departments to arrange lighting time reasonably and prevent waste of electricity. For those landscape lights that have no practical meaning and can only attract attention, they should be removed or closed decisively. It is necessary to actively develop solar energy and wind power generation, increase the use of clean energy, and strive to beautify the living environment with the lowest cost, thereby improving the quality of life and taste.

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