Mobile video surveillance kindergarten application program based on internet audio and video

Zeus Eye Mobile Video Surveillance System is a new on-site interactive education online system based on Internet audio and video applications. It is mainly used to establish a real-time interactive channel between parents and children, parents and kindergarten teachers, parents and parents, so that parents can view real-time dynamic image information of children's activities on the mobile phone or the Internet anytime, anywhere (anyTtime anyWhere). Master the child's situation and communicate with the teacher about the child's education in a timely manner.

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Zeus Eye Mobile Video Surveillance System is also a set of modern management tools to help kindergarteners lead the management of kindergartens. It allows kindergarten leaders to view the education of any class and venue in any place and at any time by mobile phone or the Internet, and can timely The nursery school teacher communicates and realizes everything that is happening in every corner of the garden at every moment.

Second construction goal

The needs of children and parents are the needs of kindergartens. Children are parents. The wider the range of parent-child activities provided by kindergartens, the deeper the degree, the more popular with parents and children. The Zeus Eye Kindergarten mobile video surveillance system revolutionized the parent-child contact between parents and children.

Through the Zeus eye mobile video surveillance system, you can let the kindergarten:

Expanding income: Establishing the image of parent-child kindergartens, increasing awareness, and increasing kindergarten enrollment and tuition fees.

Informatization: Online teaching, complete the basic information construction of kindergarten teaching.

Online promotion: On the Internet, dynamic propaganda is launched in real time.

Accept supervision: Kindergarten activities are open to parents, accept parental supervision, and improve kindergarten social recognition.

Through the Zeus eye mobile video monitoring system, parents can remotely see the life scene of the child in the kindergarten teaching scene through the mobile phone, and realize zero-distance contact with the child. Master your child's schooling situation, family and career.

Three system function

1, unique mobile phone remote video, intelligent control

(1) Through the mobile phone, real-time remote viewing of the child's life scene in the kindergarten teaching scene. The picture is clear and smooth, allowing you to experience an unprecedented mobile life and achieve zero contact with your child.

(2) Basic support for all smartphones (refer to the website recommended mobile phone model).

(3) The mobile phone can switch between different video images, select different image quality and control the pan-tilt multi-angle browsing.

(4) User rights and password settings, high security factor.

2, computer remote real-time video, intelligent control

(1) Texture life, new communication behavior.

(2) Business: Remotely display the real-time teaching situation of the kindergarten, provide a powerful technical support platform for the campus to realize interactive and open teaching; simple video remote conference.

(3) Life: Master the schooling situation of your child, and the family and career are correct.

3, high user choice

(1) Support CCD/CMOS and PTZ cameras. Different requirements are equally satisfied.

(2) Simultaneous application or single application of mobile phone and computer remote video function.

(3) Whether you want to record video content, you are the owner.

4, humanized functional design ---- smart host

(1) Eight kinds of personality sounds can be recorded in the smart host as the live alarm voice.

(2) The intelligent host can store and recognize 8 kinds of alarm signals. When the situation occurs, the Zeus eye is linked, and the scene picture is captured and sent to the user's mobile phone and mailbox.

(3) The built-in remote control function of the smart host can control smart TVs such as kindergarten TV and air conditioner from remote computers and mobile phones.

(4) Remote control of multiple power switches to achieve alarm lighting.

5, real-time alarm

(1) Real-time alarm for mobile phone text messages.

(2) Capture the live screen in real time, send the SMS to the specified email address or upload it to the FTP server.

Four system design

The network of Zeus Eye Kindergarten mobile video surveillance system is mainly composed of three parts: client, kindergarten and dynamic domain name server. The three parts are interconnected through the Internet and mobile GPRS and Unicom CDMA existing communication network. The specific network architecture is shown in the figure. Show.

The client is the device that the parent can use. It can be an ordinary operating system running Windows or a smart phone supporting JAVA/BREW/WINCE.

The dynamic domain name server is set up by Kejia Company and is provided to the kindergarten for direct use. The server is used to assign a domain name to the kindergarten's video server, so that a video server without a fixed Internet IP address has a fixed address that can be accessed.

The kindergarten side can be set up on the original LAN based on the kindergarten. Since the monitoring of the kindergarten belongs to the multi-user concurrent monitoring, it is necessary to consider the bandwidth requirement of the video server according to the actual size of the kindergarten, and the kindergarten applies for sufficient bandwidth to satisfy the video service. need.

The network installation at the kindergarten side needs to consider the following three main devices:

1, front-end equipment

There are front-end devices including cameras, pan/tilt, decoders, etc., which are used to capture continuous scenes of various scenes in kindergarten in real time, and provide analog signal input for the encoding server.

This program recommends the use of Kejia KOM-CP450E infrared dome camera, which has advanced system design, using high-quality circuit board and SONY CCD (optical image sensor).

Performance parameters:

1/3" Sony CCD

Advanced digital signal processing (DSP) for better image quality

Greater than 48dB high quality signal to noise ratio

Minimum illumination 0Lux (IR on)

C and CS interface lenses are available

Built-in automatic light adjustment circuit

Available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm lenses

Synchronization mode is internal synchronization or power synchronization

Power supply mode is DC12V

2, mobile video server

The mobile video server mainly considers the video compression ratio of the video server and the bandwidth that needs to be transmitted. This scheme recommends the Kejia V01 Zeus eye video server.

Kejia V01 Zeus Eye Video Server is an Internet-based streaming media video server product developed by Shenzhen Kejia Technology Development Co., Ltd. The server looks beautiful (as shown in the above figure), compact and easy to install.

Technical Parameters:

CPU: 64Bits DSP

ROM: 4M Bytes Flash ROM

RAM: 64M Bytes SDRAM

Supported resolutions L: PAL 352×288, 176X144 NTSC 320×240, 160X120

Video input: 4 channels

Image adjustment: Support: brightness, contrast, chroma, saturation, image quality level adjustment

Alarm linkage: notify users in real time via email or MMS

Input voltage: DC12V

Power: less than 5 watts

3, smart host

For the smart host, it is recommended to use the smart host that is compatible with the Kejia V01 Zeus Eye Video Server. The host is a multi-function alarm host with the following alarm functions:

Learn and receive 8 wireless alarm signals and arm and disarm wireless remote control signals.

Learn and control 8 channels of infrared remote control signals.

Remote control wireless switch.

The wireless switch is automatically turned on during an alarm.

The sound is played live on the alarm and the number of repetitions can be set.

The 8-segment alarm sound can be recorded repeatedly.

Technical Parameters:

Full wireless control, no construction wiring required; system power failure, data is not lost

Power supply voltage: DC12V

Warning state current: 14mA

Alarm loudness: loudness ≥40dB within 1 meter

Main accessories: infrared detector smoke detector gas detector door magnetic detector wireless guardrail remote control

Control design

Since each participating kindergarten is different, the engineering personnel will conduct on-site field tests according to the actual situation and multiple times, make full use of the resources provided by the kindergarten, and design the conformity based on “saving”, “environmental protection” and “energy saving”. Kindergarten monitoring program.

Five program features

The design of the scheme follows the principles of data security, information security, advanced technology, stable performance and cost saving, and comprehensively considers construction and maintenance factors, and reserves interfaces for future system upgrades and function expansions, so that the scheme has the following characteristics:

Security: The system uses multi-level encryption and multi-level authentication to communicate data and video to achieve data transmission security. It adopts advanced, mature and reliable products to ensure the accuracy, completeness and consistency of data. Quick recovery feature.

Convenience: Most parents' ability to use the computer is not very good, so the system uses a simple, graphical, fool-like operation, so that parents can use it very conveniently, and can quickly grasp the use method.

Stability: Most of the systems in the kindergarten end use mature and stable hardware devices, which do not require special maintenance. The equipment has a comprehensive system monitoring function, which can automatically repair the system in case of system failure to ensure 24 hours of trouble-free operation of the system.

Advancement and applicability: The system integrates many advanced technologies in the world, reflecting the latest development level of current electronic technology, computer control technology and computer network technology, and adapting to the requirements of the development of the times.

Economical and practical: fully consider the actual needs of users and the development trend of information technology. According to the user's site environment, design and select the system configuration scheme suitable for the site situation and meet the user requirements, and achieve the best performance through strict and organic combination. The price ratio, in order to save engineering investment, while ensuring the requirements of system function implementation, economical and practical.

Scalability: The system design has the possibility of updating, expanding and upgrading in consideration of the future development and use of technology. According to the actual requirements of the project in the future, the system functions will be expanded. At the same time, the scheme will be redundant in the design to meet future development requirements. Partial, modular, and hierarchical system planning and design provide great convenience for normal use and fault detection.

Six technical parameters

1. Embedded LINUX technology, no need for a computer, can work independently, built-in web server.

2. Support mobile phone browsing, support CDMA/GPRS mobile phone online remote preview, operation, support JAVA/BREW/WINCE and other mobile phone platforms, file format supports most color screen mobile phones.

3. Built-in PPPoE dial-up protocol, after the user sets and saves the account information, it can automatically dial and DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name) service support, and it is easier to automatically connect ADSL.

4. User management adopts level 3 password. Non-super users only provide basic screen browsing function; super users can perform related system setting and password modification functions; and provide transparent user management for public places.

5. Built-in dynamic domain name service, you can apply for your own domain name (for example: for free to access Zeus eye through the Internet.

6. Time/event triggers wireless alarm input and output, remote wireless control power switch (need to purchase standard accessory ROBOSIC), mail alarm, FTP backup, support local video, image capture and other simple and complete home security monitoring functions.

7. Support multi-channel video browsing, the picture is clear and smooth.

8. Video uses high-intensity data encryption technology to ensure user data and privacy.

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