Foxconn's euphemism denied the company's spin-off rumors

In response to previous rumors that Foxconn may be split into three group subsidiaries, Foxconn executives said that the plan still needs to be carefully studied, so the company has not yet developed any plans for splitting. There have been rumors that Foxconn will be split into three group subsidiaries, and these three subsidiaries will be controlled by a holding company. However, on the 17th, Foxconn submitted a report to the Taiwan Securities Regulatory Commission, they euphemistically denied this statement, and said that they are "thankful" to the media's concern for Foxconn. Foxconn’s attitude towards this rumor is quite embarrassing. According to their past styles, they generally respond chillingly that rumors are not true.

According to a previous report by Next magazine, after the Foxconn Group split, one of the group subsidiaries will be responsible for the manufacturing of the motherboard and the connector, and the R&D team dedicated to the development of the fully automatic production line will also be included in the group. The group will stay in Taiwan.

Another group will be responsible for Foxconn's consumer electronics products, as well as network equipment products in the mainland's channel retail business and OEM business. The group will be mainly oriented to the mainland market, so the group's headquarters will be located in the mainland.

The third group will focus on optoelectronics and display business, as well as LCD TV OEM business and LED display equipment research and development. At the beginning of the establishment of the group, it will remain in Taiwan for development.

It is also reported that Foxconn Group also plans to invest in the green energy industry, the medical industry and the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

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