Jilin Lanrui Electronics invested 120 million yuan to produce LED lighting

On April 10th, Jilin Baishan Economic Development Zone held a centralized signing ceremony for investment projects, with a total investment of nearly 1 billion yuan for 3 enterprises. Among them, Jilin Lanrui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will invest 120 million yuan to produce high-efficiency white LED lamps and solar LED lighting fixtures.

In recent years, Baishan City has adhered to industrial establishments and industrial strong cities, playing resource cards and taking distinctive roads, vigorously implementing the strategy of opening up, and successively introduced a number of strategic partners such as China Power Investment Corporation, China National Building Materials, Huaneng Power, and Dalian Wanda. A large number of large projects around the city's economic situation. After the completion of the three projects signed today, the Baishan building materials industry, mineral processing, and optoelectronics industry will play an important role in upgrading and driving.

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