Lighting sales tips

1. We smiled right, but customers did not respond, silent or cold replied: I just look.
[Error handling 1] It doesn't matter, you can just take a look.
[Error 2] OK, then you can just take a look.
[error response 3] Well, you have to take a look. Call me if you need help.
Template exercise 1: shopping guide: It does not matter, you do not buy it now does not matter, you can first look at our products. Come, let me introduce you to our lamps... What color is your bedroom furniture?
Comments: First, follow the customer's intentions, with a relaxed tone to ease the customer's psychological pressure, while briefly introducing the characteristics of the lighting, and then Fengfeng turn to ask questions to guide customers to answer questions, as long as the customer is willing to answer our questions, the clerk can In-depth development and development, so that the sales process can proceed smoothly.
2: shopping guide: it does not matter, to buy things is to see more! However, Miss, I really want to introduce you to our latest development of this "crystal sand" series of products, these days in our DTL to sell very good, you can first understand, come here.
Comments: First of all is still agree with the meaning of customers, with a relaxed tone to ease the customer's psychological pressure, and then Fengfeng turn to the customer in a sincere and excited tone to understand a product, and by the way, with strong gestures to guide customers to go with you, as long as The customer is willing to work with you to understand the product, shopping guide can go deep into the development and ask to understand other customer needs, so that the sales process can proceed smoothly.
Shopping guides are not to guide purchases, but to actively guide customers in the direction of purchase. 2. In fact, the customer is very fond of it, but other people in the company do not buy it and say: I think it's normal. Let's look elsewhere.
[Error 1] No, I think it's good.
[Error 2] This is our main season.
[Error handling 3] This is very unique. How can it not look good?
[Error 4] What do you think about others?
"I don't think so. I think it's good." And "This is very unique. How can it not look good?" It is purely a mistake for the clerk to find his own. This is simple and unpersuasive, and it is easy to cause the clerk and company. Those who produce confrontational emotions are not conducive to creating a good sales atmosphere. "This is our main flag this season," then the head is not right. “Who cares what others say, how do you think about yourself?” It's easy to incur an aversion to the escort, and the customer is definitely on the side of the escort, and the sales process is bound to end.
Template walk-through shopping guide: This gentleman, you not only have a unique view of the lights, but also very hard for your friends, to bring your friends like to buy lamps together is really good! Ask, what do you think are not suitable? We can exchange ideas and then help your friends to choose what really fits him, okay?
Comments: First of all, sincerely praise the buyer to accompany the buyer, and then consult him for the purchase of home advice. As long as the accompanying buyer is willing to give his opinion, it means that we have won his support and the probability of successful sales will be greatly improved.
Shopping guide: (to the customer) Your friend is very good at buying lamps, and also very careful, no wonder you will bring him to buy lamps together! (To escort the purchaser) I ask this gentleman, do you think there is something wrong with it? You can tell me, in this case, we can come together and give advice to your friends and help her find a lamp that is more suitable for their home, okay?
Comments: First of all, customers indirectly praise the professional, careful, etc. accompanying the purchaser, and then ask the buyer to accompany the buyer's views, pull him as his adviser, as long as he gives advice, the sales process can continue to move forward.
Accompanying buyers can become both enemies and friends3. Although customers accepted our ideas, they did not make a purchase decision and left [false response 1]. This is really suitable for you, but also discuss what!
[Error handling 2] is really suitable, so you don't need to think about it.
[error response 3]... (speaking right, starting to collect things)
[Error 4] Well, welcome you to discuss it again.
"This is really suitable for you, but also discuss what?" To people feel too strong, it is easy to attract the customer's exclusion psychology, after all, customers spend so much money to buy things, and her husband to discuss is also a normal thing. "It's really suitable, you don't need to think about it again." It's far-fetched, empty confession, and nothing convincing. It is too passive to collect clothes in silence, and there is no effort to win the customer's business. “Well, please. We welcome you to negotiate and come back again” to give people no effort, and to expel the customer from leaving and Feeling, because as long as the purchase of these words to export, customers in order to avoid staying in the embarrassment, only to leave the store down the steps.
Template repertoire shopping guide: Yes, you have this idea I can understand, after all, buy a good luminaire also had thousands of pieces of it, we must discuss with her husband, so buy it will not regret it. is this okay? You sit for a while, I introduce you to several more, you can look more, compare more, this will be more comprehensive to consider ... ...
Comments: First of all agree with the rationality of the customer's argument, and strive for the customer's psychological support, and then use this as a reason to introduce the customer several other products, the purpose is to extend the customer's stay time, understand the customer's real situation and to establish The foundation of trust between the two parties.
Shopping guide: Miss, this lamp is very consistent with your room regardless of style and light color, and I like to feel that you like it. Can you say you want to think about it again? Of course, if you have this kind of thinking, I can understand it. But I am afraid that I have a place where the interpretation is not in place. So I would like to ask you for advice. What is your main consideration now? (Smile smiles at the customer and pauses to guide the other person to say concern) Miss, there are other reasons besides... Can you not make a decision now? (To guide the other party to speak out all the concerns and deal with them selectively, they should guide the customer to close the deal immediately)
Shopping guide: Miss, do you explain this issue that you are concerned about? (As long as the customer clarifies the white, nods, or silence, etc. recommend it immediately.) Well, your shipping address is...? (If the customer still indicated that he would like to consult with the husband or consider etc. then import the next step)
Shopping guide: Miss, if you really want to think about it, I can understand it. But what I want to tell you is that this set of lamps is very suitable for your situation, and it is also very cost-effective to buy now, you look at its style ... its color ... and work ... its light ... ... and this set There is only one set of fixtures in the fixture. It would be a pity if it was not installed in your home. Is this okay, I'll keep it for you for the time being. I really hope you don't miss this light because it really suits you!
Comments: First of all, with a little pressure to guide customers to say the real reason for their rejection, and then immediately after processing its rejection point to guide customers to deal, and finally if the customer really wants to go out and compare it, take a step back, but must return for the customer Foreshadowing.
Appropriate pressure can improve the performance of the store 70% of return customers will generate purchase behavior 4: We recommend that customers feel the product features, but customers are not very willing to [wrong response 1] like it, you can feel it.
[Error 2] This is our new product. Its biggest advantage is...
[Error coping 3] This is not bad, you can look at it.
“If you like, you can feel it” and this is our new product. Its biggest advantage is that... These two words have become almost the classic term used in China’s retail store sales. Some shopping guides only need to see customers entering a store or Began to touch the product so greeted, so that customers hear the ears are old. "This is not bad, you can look at it." The problem is that the lack of professional knowledge shopping guides, failed to recommend the appropriate style to the customer, as long as the customer sees it, say "This" is good, it will lead to customers do not trust shopping guide Recommended. It can be said that our guide buyer's own performance so that customers do not take our advice seriously.
Template exercise guide shopping: Miss, really admire your vision, this is our new model, selling very well! I think that with the design style of your home, with our lamp, the effect will be good. Miss, I'm not good enough to say light, come, you can first try to look at the light effect of this lamp......
Shopping guide: (If the other party does not move) Miss, the lighting on each place, it has its different effects. Just as you don't wear your clothes, you don't see its effect. Miss, in fact, you do not buy it does not matter, please come here with me ... ...
Comments: How to guide customers to become interested in lamps is a problem that many salespeople are confused. The language template first affirms the customer's perspective, and then advises the customer to experience with a professional and confident kiss, and uses his own body to guide him resolutely. To understand the feeling of not doing it. When the customer refuses to experience, he does not give up. Instead, he continues to confidently provide the other party with the reason for experience, and he takes the advantage of doing the guided experience again. The whole process is natural and smooth, giving the customer the feeling of being embarrassed to refuse.
Shopping guide: Miss, you really have vision. This lamp is our latest model and it sells very well! Come, I will tell you about this. This lamp adopts ... materials and arts, import ... technology and functions, and is very popular among the masses. Of course, if I can't say good, I can't do it. The lamp is for your own use. It's important for you to feel good about yourself. Miss, come and feel this light yourself... (Directly guide customer experience)
Shopping guide: (If the customer is not very cooperative) Miss, I found that you do not seem very interested in this light, in fact, you really can't buy it today, but I really want to serve you well. Is there any problem with the introduction I made just now, or do you not like this style at all? Can you tell me? Thank you! (If the customer says that he does not like this style, he will transfer it to the recommendation stage)
Comments: We agree with our customers to choose and use an excitement tone to create a hot atmosphere, and then quickly guide customers to personally check out the advantages of the goods. When they encounter resistance, they sincerely ask customers and seek the opinions of customers, so as to prepare for the recommendation again.
Whether or not a customer purchases, try to gain customer experience 5. Customers always feel that there are problems with the quality of special products. How should we eliminate his doubts? [Error 1] You can rest assured that the quality is the same.
[Error handling 2] is the same lot and there is no problem.
[Error handling 3] is the same thing. How can it be?
[Error handling 4] is the same brand and there is no problem.
Template Rehearsal Guide: You may understand this kind of thinking, after all, this kind of situation that you said does exist in our industry. However, I can tell you responsibly that although our product is a special price, but they are all the same brand, in fact, the quality is exactly the same, and now the price is much more favorable than before, so buy now is really a non-stop cost-effective!
Comments: First learn to identify with the customer's concerns, and then to the customer with a sincere and responsible tone of concern to tell the customer the truth, and emphasize the interests of the purchase now to promote the customer to make an immediate decision.
Shopping guide: Your question is very good. We used to have some old customers who had similar concerns. However, I can tell you responsibly that whether it is a regular price or a special price, it is actually the same brand and the quality is exactly the same. The quality assurance we give you is the same, but the price is much lower, so buying these things now is really a good deal, you can buy it with confidence!
Comments: Recognition is a good skill, encountered badly dealt with issues, use of identification skills before interpretation will often make shopping guide persuasive power increased, and then give quality commitment to reduce their concerns, by the way can emphasize the advantages of special offers In order to promote customer transactions.
Shopping guide: I can understand your idea, but I can tell you responsibly that these special items are actually regular-priced merchandise. In the middle of it, because we are returning to old customers, we have become special offers but the quality is the same. , you can safely choose.
Comments: After agreeing with customer concerns, give customers a full and reasonable reason to make customers feel at ease.
There are no customers who can't lead, only those shopping guides who will not lead the purchase. 6 Customers say: When you sell something, you say it well. Which of you sell me doesn’t talk about me? [Error 1] If you say this, I will no solution anymore.
[error response 2] forget it, anyway, I said you do not believe [error response 3] (silent silent continue to do their own thing)
"If you say this, I can't do it anymore." This language may seem helpless on the surface, but it is actually very powerful. It makes customers feel boring and unimpressed. The implication is that you really don't talk about this person. Reason, I have nothing to say to you, just do not want to care about you. "Forget it, anyway, I said you do not believe" means that you will not believe me anyway, so I do not bother to care about you. To continue to do their own thing in silence, then pass on this information to the customer: shopping guides think that they are wrong, so he defaulted on his statement.
Template Rehearsal Shopping guide: Miss, you said this situation does exist, so you have this kind of concern I can fully understand. However, please rest assured that our shop has been operating in this place for more than three years. Our business is mainly supported by old customers like you, so we will never risk our business integrity. I believe we will use reliable quality to gain your trust. I am very confident because of this...
Comments "Firstly identify with customer concerns so that customers get psychological security, so that they have a good feeling for the clerk, and then emphasize the fact that our stores operate for a long time, to eliminate the customer's concerns Shopping guide: I can understand your thoughts, but this Please rest assured that first, our "melon" is indeed very sweet, which is very confident; second, I am selling "melon" people, and I have sold this "melon" for many years in this shop. "If you are not sweet, you will come back to me. Why do I give myself trouble? Do you think so? Of course, I only sell this melon and say, "It's not good to melon. If you taste it yourself, you will know." Come, miss, here please!
Comments: With the words of the customer, confidently tell us the truth of our melons, and at the same time guide our customers to experience our goods in a relaxed and humorous tone.
When the customer does not trust us, all we have to do is restore trust. 7 The customer looks at the same product, wants to buy it and gives it to his own family, but says to bring the family to make another decision. [Error 1] Don't wait now. Buy it no more [Error 2] You can buy it now and you can enjoy the discount "Don't wait, don't buy it now." Without providing a clear factual basis, the customer may think that this is the guideline to deliberately exert false pressure, once the customer Feel that shopping guides are playing tricks, then no matter how shopping guides say customers will behave absent-minded. "You can buy a discount right now," as if the customer is buying something just for the sake of cheap. "That's good, you bring the husband/boyfriend to talk about it again." Just enter the customer channel, giving the customer a step to leave and naturally driving out the customer out of the store, but greatly reducing the store sales.
Template drill shopping guide: Miss, you are really careful! In fact, you just said that this product is suitable for your home style regardless of the color. I would like to know what are the main problems now that make it difficult to make decisions?
Comments: First compliment the customer, and then directly explore the reasons for customer indecision, and targeted resolution.
Shopping guide: In fact, this is not a simple product, your husband / boyfriend moved too late, you say it? Besides, if he really has any dissatisfaction, as long as it does not affect the re-sale, we specifically allow you to get back and exchange within three days. Do you see this happen?
Excellent shopping guides often use the story to impress customers 8/ How to avoid slamming a customer who successfully makes a sale. [Wrong response 1] Where does it not look good?
[Error 2] Don't talk nonsense when you don't buy something. [Error 3] You don't want to listen to him. He said it.
[Error 4] Please do not say so, okay?
Template Walkthrough Shopping guide: This lady, thank you for your suggestion. What style do you want to see? (After a quick visit, customers will look away and transfer their eyes to the customer.) Miss Zhang, for example, shoes are comfortable on the feet and are the only ones who know best. Do you think so? Ms. Zhang, I have been in this industry for five years. I just want to serve you well. I think this light fixture is really suitable for you, you see ... (introducing the advantages of the product) Do you think?
Shopping guide: (smiling and saying to the stroller) Thank you, this lady, may I ask what you would like to see today? (Quickly handle and smile and say something to the customer after strolling around.) Miss, we cannot all like ourselves in our lives. Are you correct? In fact, buying things is the same reason. Miss, I have been in this industry for five years. I can tell you responsibly that this product fully meets your needs and is really suitable for you. You see... (Describe the advantages of the product)
Shopping guide: (smile said to the stroller) This is Miss, thank you for your suggestions, in fact, everyone's understanding of their own room decoration, furniture, etc. will be different, you say right? May I ask Miss, what do you want to see today? (smile after talking to customers quickly and say to customers)
Smart terminal sales staff is good at choosing and giving up, weakening and shifting. 9 After listening to the shopping guide, the customer does not say anything and turns away. What to do? [Error 1] Good to go, don't send!
[Error 2] This is very good.
[Error handling 3] Mr. Wait, you can also look at the other [error response 4] if you really want to be cheaper.
[Error 5] Are you sincerely buying and watching?
Template walk-through shopping guide: This lady, please do not hurry to go first, okay? This lady, did you not like the lights of ours, or did my service fail to do it? You can tell me that I can improve immediately. Really, I sincerely want to serve you well. What kind of lighting fixtures are you really looking for?
Shopping guide: Miss, please stay. I'm really sorry, miss, it must have been that I didn't introduce it, so you're not interested in going on. But I really want to help you find the one that suits you best, so can you bother you to tell what you really need, and I'll help you find a product that suits you, okay? Thank you, miss! Will ... (re-understand customer demand intentions)

Comments: Shopping guide first find the reasons from their own, in order to obtain the understanding of customers, and then re-learn the needs of customers and make recommendations!
Shopping guide: This lady, can you please take a step, you really can't buy anything. This is the case. I just want to ask you to help me. I just started to work on this brand. I can't tell you where you are not very satisfied. It will also make it easier for me to improve my work. Thank you very much. I would like to ask...
Comments: Shopping guide to learn to take the initiative to lower the body, this will virtually enhance the customer's figure, so that customers feel respect, so that customers more with us.
Managing your own mouth and licking your tongue quickly will incur greater losses. 10: After the customer enters the store, he reads and says: There are a few things, and nothing to buy. [Error 1] The new goods arrive in two days.
[error response 2] has already sold almost.
[Wrong response 3] How could it be less, enough? [Error 4] Did you buy so many things?
Template Rehearsal Guide: Yes, you are very careful, we do not have much goods placed in this store, but the pieces are carefully selected by our boss boutique style, each has its own characteristics. Come on, let me introduce it to you. What style of lamp do you prefer?
Shopping guide: You make sense, we really do not have much style here, because our boss likes to have something special, but we have several products that I think are very suitable for you. Come, here, please. I'll introduce it to you. May I ask if you want to see... or...

Crawler Tractor for Agriculture:

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Crawler Tractor for Agriculture03

Crawler Tractor for Agriculture Technical Parameters:

1. Mini ground clearance: 400mm

2. Engine form: direct injection, vertical, water-cooled, four-stroke

3. Engine Fuel: diesel

4. Engine rated power: 50-66Kw

5. Working device lifter type: semi-split

Typical Applications: can be worked in paddy field, dry land, hilly ground or greenhouse.

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Crawler Tractor for Agriculture

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