14 energy-saving enterprises settled in Ziyang Zhejiang Energy Saving Industrial Park

Ziyang has taken a solid step to build the “Western Energy-Saving Industry Capital”. On July 14, 14 key energy-saving industrial enterprises from Zhejiang and Shenzhen signed an agreement with the city to collectively settle in Ziyang Zheshui Energy-saving Industrial Park.
It is understood that Zhejiang-Guangdong Energy-saving Industrial Park is an important carrier for Ziyang to build the “Western Energy-saving Industry Capital”. It was officially started at the end of March this year, and the simultaneous investment promotion activities are mainly for lighting energy conservation, building materials energy conservation, energy conservation services and environmental protection and energy conservation. After a lapse of three months, a group of enterprises settled. According to reports, the first batch of enterprises entering the park, including 12 lighting enterprises, 1 energy-saving equipment enterprise and 1 building materials enterprise, mainly produces lighting equipment, LED lights, energy-saving building materials and environmental protection equipment, with a total investment of 560 million yuan. It will reach an annual output value of 1.3 billion yuan and a profit and tax of 130 million yuan.

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