Liangtang kitchen tricks start with the installation of lighting and lighting

As the kitchen space gets bigger, the kitchen is more than just a place for families to prepare meals. It has become a place frequented by guests when they come to the house. Therefore, the lighting and lighting of the kitchen should be installed like other rooms to facilitate guests.

First, the kitchen lighting system should be set to be adjustable, that is, when the light is dim or glaring, it can be adjusted, people will feel more comfortable and more comfortable.

Second, the color temperature of the light should be consistent with the atmosphere of the living room, at least to the color temperature of other areas of the living room.

Third, do not install a single lighting source in the center of the kitchen. In order to improve the kitchen lighting, a multi-level lighting system consisting of different lamps and light sources should be installed in the kitchen.

Fourth, you can install the lamps in the lowermost cabinets to reduce the shadow of work.

Fifth, the installation location is also very important. Straight incandescent or fluorescent lamps should be mounted towards the front of the cabinet. In this way, part of the light from the lamp will be directed at the tailgate, then reflected onto the console and then directed towards the center of the kitchen. It is also possible to install a lighting device above the cabinet for indirect lighting, such as a small spotlight, which shines on the upper part of the cabinet, which is not only glare but also convenient for taking objects.

Sixth, if the kitchen space is high enough, you can install transparent or translucent chandeliers on the ceiling as a light source. The chandeliers can not only provide excellent lighting, but also good decorative items!

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Fan Heater

Heater is a combination of fans, motors and air heaters combined unit. Applicable to all types of workshops, when the air is free of dust and flammable or explosive gas, can be used as a circulating air heating. Heater can be used independently as a heating, generally used to supplement the lack of heat sink parts or the use of radiators as the duty of heating, the remaining heat load borne by the heater.

(1) horizontal blower: indoor air from the side of the inhalation, the heat exchanger after the heat, the horizontal direction. The jet has a certain range, so that the heating zone is fully blended, the temperature is evenly mixed.

(2) top blower fan: axial fan placed in the bottom of the unit, the air from the side of the heater into the air through the standing heat exchanger, and then sent down. In order to make the jet face to be discharged downward, a guide vane for diffusion is provided at the outlet of the fan.

(3) floor heaters: such units of the large amount of air, send hot air range far, can afford a larger area of heating. When running, the noise is large. Applicable to the factory building heating.

The advantage of heater heating is [2]:
(1) single machine heat supply, in the same heat load, the number of end devices used less;
(2) small heaters can be hanging, do not take up the building area, large heaters floor installation, covers an area of limited;
(3) start heating up fast.

Fan Heater

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