LED tunnel lighting saves 60% of energy for China's highway construction projects

Two new highway tunnels in Central China use LED-based tunnel lighting, which saves 60% of energy consumption and related lighting costs compared to traditional light sources. With the engineering assistance of Future Lighting Solutions and its LED inventory management, Xi'an Liming Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. developed more than 3,900 lamps used in the project using Philips Lumileds' LUXEONRebelLED design.
These lamps are used to illuminate the Xinkailing and Wangzhuyuan No. 2 tunnels from Lu'an to Wuhan Expressway, which is a north-south branch of China's east-west traffic artery from Shanghai to Wuwei. The 4.7-kilometer (2.9-mile) lighting project of the two tunnels was jointly completed by Xi'an Liming and Anwei Huanyu Highway Construction and Development Co., Ltd.

Each 50W and 100W tunnel light uses 42 and 72 LUXEON Rebel LEDs, respectively. In addition to energy savings, these lamps have other advantages over traditional light sources such as fluorescent lamps, metal halides, and low-pressure and high-pressure nano lamps, such as 60,000 hours of service life and shock and vibration resistance in tunnel environments, which greatly reduces Replacement, repair and personnel costs, and lane closure time.

The use of LED technology in this project also includes other advantages, such as better color rendering, which improves driving visibility and safety; and because the heat generated by the LED is very low, the lamp is baked and accumulated by dust and dirt. The phenomenon of yellow light is also reduced; LED lights also have a number of "environmental" features, such as meeting ROHS requirements, the structure does not contain mercury and lead.

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