LED display products how to face the price increase of chips

The development of LED upstream industry has played a significant role in promoting the development of the display application industry. The LED industry chain achieves positive interaction between upstream and downstream, new products and new technologies are rapidly applied and applied. Based on the development of LED chip materials, driver ICs, and control technologies, many enterprises in the industry are in LED integrated applications, semiconductor lighting, lighting and lighting projects. And other aspects have formed a certain technical foundation and production engineering basis. On the basis of traditional LED large-screen display technology and products, the share of LED display application products in the industry market has increased year by year.

Taiwan LED chip for the first time overall price increase

The upstream epitaxy and chip price of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have risen in price for the first time. The world's top three LED manufacturers have already released information on price increases to downstream packaging manufacturers. Chen Jincai, chairman of Guangguang Optoelectronics, confirmed that it has been applied to Seoul Semiconductor. The price increase is 5% to 10%. Since LED factories are widely used in TV, notebook, lighting and other products, it is expected that the price of end products may also follow up the price increase.

Due to the shortage of components, the price of electronic products has changed from a fixed price drop to a non-fall, and the price of LED chips has declined by 20% every year. This year, the price has risen against the trend. This wave has risen from the second-line factory. Including Yuanyuan, Guangjiao, New Century, Taigu, etc., these operators have quietly raised prices under the full capacity; while Jingdian’s production capacity and revenue are more than four times that of the second-tier plants. The overall industry chain will bring price pressure. LED display products are also not immune. More or less will be affected.

In the face of price hikes, some companies have begun to change from the ground up and carry out comprehensive technological innovation. China's LED display application industry has always had a good foundation in the development of new technologies and new products. Adapting to the changes in the demand for LED display application market, in 2009, many companies in the industry actively carried out work in product technology development, patents and intellectual property protection. Many new technological achievements were directly used in key projects such as the 60th anniversary celebration of the National Day. A good result. Some enterprises have undertaken research on relevant science and technology projects of the state and local governments, and a large number of enterprises in the industry have obtained the qualifications of high-tech enterprises. (Editor: Cheng Xiang)

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