TI developed evaluation board for LED driver with digital power supply, equipped with DSP microcontroller "Piccolo"

Texas Instruments (TI) has released the evaluation board "DC/DC LED Developer's Kit" that uses digitally controlled power to drive the LED cluster. The feedback loop (Feedback Loop) control of the DC-DC converter uses the company's DSP microcontroller "TMS320C2000 (commonly known as Piccolo)". Up to 8 LED groups can be driven with this DC-DC converter. It is mainly used for design purposes such as LED backlights, street lamps and architectural lighting.
The input voltage of the DC-DC converter is +12 to 48V. The circuit topology is SEPIC (Single-Ended Primary Inductor Converter) type, so it can also support step-up or step-down depending on the driving voltage of the LED group. Equipped with 4 LED drive circuits, each capable of driving 2 LED groups. A maximum of 30W of power can be supplied to each LED group.

The DSP microcontroller "Piccolo" is equipped with a 32-bit product and has a clock frequency of 60 MHz. It is equipped with 12-bit, 4.6M samples/sec AD conversion circuit, 14 PWM signal output functions and 128KB flash memory. Equipped with a DSP microcontroller, it can digitally dim and adjust color tones, or support wire communication and fault detection. In addition, for programming and debugging operations, the JTAG emulator "XDS1000" is equipped on the board.
The price is $379. In addition to evaluating boards, it also includes Gerber files, circuit diagrams, parts lists, and so on. In addition, the open source software "controlSUITE" is also available, which integrates feedback circuit control of DC-DC converters and software for LED group drive. TI said, "Because the hardware and software required for LED driver circuit development are available, users can start designing directly."

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