Ding Long: The LED industry has become a mess for three days.

According to statistics from the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII), the total output value of China's LED industry in 2012 reached 205.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 34%. Among them, the scale of LED indoor lighting production in mainland China was 33.5 billion yuan, an increase of 80%. GLII expects that the scale of China's LED indoor lighting output will maintain a high-speed growth trend in 2013, which will reach 55.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 66%.

"LED and traditional lighting have different profit margins. At present, LEDs are emerging markets, the market is not transparent, and the standards are not clear." Mr. Ding Long, vice president of Op Lighting, said in an interview that large traditional lighting companies are not fully involved in LED companies. The overall quality of small businesses is not clear. "The whole LED industry is in a rising period, and the remaining 80 companies in 8000 companies are terrific."

LED industry status
"Now the LED industry needs to do something similar to sports competition, high jump, running, we need to set the pass line, not the excellent line, that is, we should remove all unqualified products." Ding Long said that the LED industry standard is not clear The law enforcement departments have not strictly enforced the law, and some enterprises have exaggerated publicity, etc., which have caused the industry to become chaotic, and the bankruptcy of small and medium-sized enterprises is obvious. "It is not untrustworthy to close a family in three days." In the second half of last year, the larger companies that had fallen into bankruptcy had Shenzhen vision and Ningbo Andi Optoelectronics.

The reasons for these chaos are all attributed to the fact that the LED industry has gained the favor of various capitals. There are three main types of capital sources that enter the LED industry: First, the traditional lighting industry, according to industry insiders, “Now lighting companies are not embarrassed to say that they are lighting companies.” The second category comes from electronics. In the industry, as LEDs use electronic components such as semiconductors, many electrons have also come in, such as Jingfeng Mingyuan. Second, it is pure social capital. At the beginning of December 2012, there was news that “state-owned coal enterprises entered the lighting market”. It is conceivable that the aura of emerging industries is only increasing.

Ding Long said that since entering the lighting industry in 1991, he has been in the lighting industry for 22 years, and has done 16 years of traditional lighting until the first contact with LED light source in 2007. "As a senior traditional lighting person, I was not optimistic about LED at first, but after years of development and continuous research and development and innovation, I have to say that LED must replace the traditional lighting market." Ding Long told reporters affirmatively.

In the second half of the year, a big leap
"LED industry reshuffle is also inevitable. The value of small-scale enterprises in this industry is not large. From the perspective of scale, R&D and technology, small enterprises are not far from being closed without core competitiveness and channels. Ding Long told reporters.

Ding Long believes that the LED industry will continue to show a trend of continuous and rapid integration. On the one hand, small enterprises continue to go bankrupt; on the other hand, mergers and acquisitions between large LED companies, "but not similar integration, such as chip and light The integration of the same type does not make much sense for the development of the enterprise."

“Now more than 50% of the hotel industry is already using LEDs. Many customers don’t want to use LEDs, but they are skeptical about the overall performance of LEDs, and conservatively choose traditional lighting.” Ding Long said.

He believes that the traditional production technology of common lighting GLS, energy-saving lamp CFL, magnetic leakage magnetic ballast TL, sodium lamp, mercury lamp, halogen lamp, etc. are different, among which magnetic flux leakage ballast TL, sodium lamp There are still differences in the distribution of mercury lamps and halogen lamps, so it seems that their development, production, and use are quite complicated. But LED is different, LED can be replaced, its scale, research and development, technology integration will definitely bring a big impact on traditional light sources, and this force will be a big outbreak in the second half of this year or the second half of next year.

"If the current output value of the LED industry is called X, then there will be 6X, 8X in the second half of this year, or this growth point or even a higher growth point in two to three years." Ding Long believes that this is a strong market. signal of.

Even so, Ding Long has put forward his advice to companies that are in the LED industry and are preparing to enter the market. "LED is a growing sunrise industry, but not for all entrants."

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