Hi-Fi amplifier selection and some suggestions for AV amplifier selection

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In the sound, the power amplifier is the function of "signal amplification". Because he does not work on the switch, in terms of electrical design theory, the power amplifier does not require advanced technology, and his manufacturing equipment can be the easiest to test and adjust. The requirements of the instrument are also the most common. Of course, design is one thing, manufacturing is one thing, and the quality of the sound is one thing. Some manufacturers make the machine very complicated, the price is very expensive, and the sound is naturally good. Some manufacturers make the machine very small, the inside is very simple, the price is very popular, and the sound is not bad.

Hi-Fi amplifier selection and some suggestions for AV amplifier selection

In this case, how do you buy an amplifier as a consumer? The following suggestions can be made: one is the drive capability (ie the amount of power) and the other is the active original (ie the amplifier or the transistor).

The power amplifier can be roughly divided into several factions. First, let's talk about the British faction: This area, because of the conservative national conditions, the power output of the designed amplifier is not high, especially the integrated power amplifier (integrate damplifier) ​​which is the best manufacturer in the UK. The masterpiece, its output power is generally not very large. The American power amplifier is completely a performance of "land and big things", 150W X 2 is only a standard value. This is quite obvious, I believe that you can quickly find such a situation when you look at the audio store.

The output power and drive capability are very subtle. When it comes to the strength of the "output power" and the strength of the "drive capability", although there is no absolute relationship between the two, there is a relative relationship. The output power is easy to display from digital display, 50W, 100W, 200W or more, but the identification of the driving ability depends on the eye, even if you really tried it.

The driving object of the "power" amplifier in the latter stage is the horn. The stronger the driving capability, the more able to suppress the horn. Of course, you will ask, what kind of speaker is difficult to push? My opinion is: low efficiency (below 86db), low impedance (4 ohms or less), electrostatic and aluminum tape, etc., are all tested with your choice of amplifier.

The driving capability of the power amplifier is fully reflected in the current supply. The voltage X current is the true "power". If there is a power amplifier, its power is nominally 100W X 2 (8Ω), 200W X 2 (4Ω), 400W. X 2 (2Ω), we usually call him a "high current" design, this kind of power amplifier will have a strong driving ability, but the users who can look around you can achieve "power multiplication" amplifiers, often MADE IN USA; products from the UK or Japan are significantly weaker in this respect.

Because the design of high-current power amplifier is not easy, the output stage and power supply department must be very particular. Therefore, the high-current power is not easy to be mini-sized on the body. The UK combines power and power, although it is not comparable to American products, but it is not comparable to American products. Because of the different routes, when they drive the speakers in the small room, their performance is also very commendable.

Nissan amplifiers are rare in the Hi-end market. Beginners tend to consider buying Nissan amplifiers. This is because Japanese manufacturers also have their own unique skills, especially the AV surround amplifier with DOLBY PROLOGIC, AC-3, THX, DTS. In the field of AV, more than 90% are MADE IN JAPAN. Therefore, all the factions in each country are taking different paths, each with its own consumption targets and markets. In the AV category before our eyes, Japanese goods that are dismissed by some "fans" are the majority of the market. If you talk about AV, not talking about Nissan's power amplifier, it is simply not a good man in the Great Wall.

At present, what we are talking about is the latter-stage power amplifier. What about the pre-amplifier? It is necessary to know that it is very good at driving the power of the amplifier. If the [correct impedance matching] cannot be done with the latter stage, then the front stage drives the latter stage. Although this will not cause damage to the machine, but the tone will change, and it will be bad. Consumers can figure out before purchasing. Before the CD system is still popular, the preamp has an important function: the pickup Zooming in and RIAA equalization. But now that CDs are popular, people who are new to the HI-FI circle will not have LP turntables.

Therefore, the function of "Zoom enlargement and RIAA equalization" is gradually declining. At present, most of the separate preamplifiers have a high-level amplification function, but many Hi-end manufacturers still try to implement such products. The development, because the front and rear separation can bring more pure power, better isolation, and cleaner sound. Therefore, Hi-Fi amplifiers are almost always separated before and after.

The AV amplifier is a power amplifier that has integrated the decoder. The separation is a superfluous move. The combination of the AV decoder and the pure Hi-Fi rear stage is very attractive. The child merger machine is higher, but for some AV, Hi-Fi double fever friends, this is a good combination, this program is very recommended within the budget allowable range.

Fever is a good thing, but for the family, it is awkward to talk about "power consumption" and "fever". In fact, power consumption is not a big crime. In all audio products, the power amplifier can be said to be the most power-consuming component, especially It is the high-power pure Class A design level. The longer the boot time, the more heat is emitted, and the more the meter turns. But what about the actual situation? The most power-consuming in the average household is air-conditioning, a one-and-a-half-half air conditioner, which will not be less than 1000 watts per hour under continuous operation, and the second is electric heaters and electric cookers. The power consumption of audio equipment is still relatively low.

You may wish to choose the power amplifier designed by Class A and B. The output power of this type of power amplifier is generally larger than that of the Class A machine, but the wasted heat energy for the work of the power amplifier is greatly reduced, and the low frequency control is compared with the Class A power amplifier. The force is even better. The reaction is also much faster, so it is more suitable for the use of AV. The warmth and sweetness of the Class A machine. But in short, it is Class A or Class A and B. It is only two ways to achieve a goal. It is not absolutely good or bad. Advantages and disadvantages, only personal preferences are different. Therefore, individuals have a personal point of view. Is it better to choose K6-3D or Celeron, or with i740 or RIVA128, which one depends on your needs and pockets? the size of.

In addition to being flat, the high-quality amplifier needs to be quiet. You should first connect the cable RCA to the CD player (but don't press the play button PLAY), then connect the speaker and turn the amplifier's volume knob to the right. It's generally silent, but unfortunately, you often hear a bunch of noises. Think about the amplifier itself is not very clean, then how do you use the amplifier to hear clean music?

Another small method is to play the CD, but turn the amplifier input selection to the TUNER or AUX position, and put the volume knob to the maximum. At this time, if you can hear the sound of the CD, it means that the amplifier itself has Crosstalk is produced. The louder the music is, the more serious the crosstalk is. The signal-to-noise ratio is low, the noise is large, and the crosstalk is much. This means that the design of this amplifier is not fully taken into account, that is, consumers are not buying Perfect equipment. Also, when you want to do the above test, please use a high-efficiency speaker, so that the amplifier can be flawless, but you should be advised to be careful to experiment or it may burn the speaker.

If you want to enjoy good sounds, sometimes you have to go through many debuggings first, but if you only want to listen to music, it is recommended that you do not have to buy more products with a fever, even if the sound of this amplifier is a little modified, as long as you like it. It doesn't matter, the most important thing is to follow the ear, I hope this article can help the friend who is purchasing the amplifier.

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