Windows 8.1 system China price exposure

Windows 8.1 system China price exposure Recently, Microsoft has announced the full price of Windows 8.1, and today, Microsoft China also announced the Chinese price of Windows 8.1, since 7:00 PM, October 17, Beijing time, existing Windows 8 users can pass Download Windows 8.1 update for free from the Windows Store.

In China, the price of a user directly upgrading from another version system to Windows 8.1 is 988 yuan, and the price of Windows 8.1 Professional is 1988 yuan. Chinese consumers can get genuine Windows 8.1 in two easy ways:

- Purchase of new devices pre-installed with Windows 8.1 from computer manufacturers or from Microsoft's Surface - Get Windows 8.1 from Microsoft Windows Store via electronic software download

In addition, if the user purchases a device equipped with a Windows 8.1 system later this year, the Windows 8.1 Professional Upgrade Package will be purchased for 1088 yuan, which includes all the features provided in the Professional Edition and the Windows Media Center. If users are using Windows 8.1 Professional Edition, they can spend 88 yuan to purchase Windows Media Center.

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