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In recent years, under the global awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, governments around the world have begun to pay attention to the problem of lighting energy consumption. Therefore, there are measures to eliminate low-efficiency light sources and encourage the use of high-efficiency light sources. The most important thing is that the industry is advertised as the first in the lighting industry. Three revolutionary light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, governments have invested in relevant research and subsidies.

Driven by global energy-saving lighting policies, active investment by manufacturers and continued decline in LED lighting prices, the global LED lighting market continued to grow in 2013, reaching US$25.6 billion, a 30% increase from 2012. In the future, with the continuous improvement of the cost performance of LED lighting and the increasingly stringent global energy conservation and environmental protection policies, the overall market size in 2017 is estimated to reach 46.2 billion US dollars (Figure 1).

Global LED lighting market size forecast

Figure 1 Global LED lighting market size forecast Source: IHS, ITRI IEK (05/2014)

LED lighting products can basically be divided into LED replacement lighting and LED lighting products. LED replaces lighting products and traditional light sources can be directly replaced, consumers can directly use without replacing lamps, so it has become one of the most important products in the LED lighting market. Among them, the LED bulb market is the fastest growing, but LEDs replace lighting. The barriers to entry are low, market price competition is fierce, and prices are falling rapidly. Therefore, the proportion of LEDs replacing the lighting market is maintained at around 30%. LED lighting products are small and diverse, and the unit price and gross profit are higher than LEDs to replace lighting products. Therefore, the proportion of LED lighting market can be maintained at around 70% (Figure 2).

Figure 2 Global LED lighting market product changes

Figure 2 Global LED lighting market product changes

Taking LED instead of lighting as an example, in 2013, the overall LED replacement lighting device penetration rate was only 1.4% (Figure 3). In 2013, Retail, Warehouse/Storage and Hospitality are the application market with high installation rate. LED replacement lighting is mainly price-oriented. Therefore, in the future, LEDs will replace lighting devices with a significant increase in LED cost performance. The rate will grow.

Figure 3 LED replaces the lighting device rate change - by number

Figure 3 LED replaces the lighting device rate change - by number

Government subsidies are the main market incentives

LED lighting market development driving force and resistance analysis chart

Figure 4 LED lighting market development driving force and resistance analysis chart

The driving force of LED lighting market development includes energy saving and carbon reduction demand, government policy attention and product cost performance improvement; LED lighting resistance includes high cost, market disorder risk, lack of product standards and long-term organic light-emitting diode (OLED) lighting threats (four points ( Figure 4).

A. Mixer Beater (s/s)                                                   

B. Mixer whisk (s/s)                                                     

C. Potato masher                                                          

D.550ml measure cup                                              

F. 700ml measure cup                                             

G.350ml chopper                                                       

H.700ml Chopper with non-slip base

I. Fine slicer & Julienne Disc, Rough slicer & Julienne Disc, Shred Disc.(For 700ml chopper use only)     

J. Knife Sharpener                                                       

K. Wall mounting                                                            

L. Bracket 

General specifications

Base speed: 2                      Detachable shaft: lock & unlock sign

 LED light: No                       Speed setting: 2


Technical specifications

Power: 400W                      Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Voltage: 220-240V                 Cord length: 1.2 m


Design specifications

Material body: ABS                  Surface finishing: injected color

Material rod: Stainless steel          Material blade: Stainless steel                 

Material measure cup & chopper: SAN

Dishwasher attachments: Yes





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