The supply and demand gap is too big. iPhone 6 is only 1/10 available with sapphire screen.

The global sapphire crystal rods are not enough. The upcoming iPhone 6, 10 and only one may be a sapphire screen. The crystal rod industry said that the global production capacity is currently only 10 million pieces (about 2 inches), and the iPhone 6 sapphire screen is added to the non-Ping mobile phone. The demand is several times the capacity, and it certainly cannot be loaded.

The iPhone 6 uses a sapphire screen. Although the exclusive ingot supplier GTAT is found, it still casts a shock on the sapphire industry, mainly because the supply and demand gap is too large. From the demand side, according to Apple's past experience, the iPhone 6 will ship at least 10 million pieces per month after its listing. If it is imported, the monthly demand for flat films will exceed 40 million pieces (about 2 inches). However, GTAT seems to have encountered bottlenecks in its active expansion this year. The industry has estimated that the monthly production capacity of crystal rods is not more than 4 million pieces of 2-inch flat film, and this has not been included in the yield variable.

In other words, the iPhone 6 needs 40 million pieces per month, and if the GTAT supply does not exceed 4 million pieces, only one of the upcoming iPhone 6, 10 may be equipped with a sapphire screen. The industry believes that only the supply of high-end models in the early stage will inevitably lead to the purchase of fruit powder.

In terms of non-Ping camp, there are currently large crystals such as Mono crystal, Rubicon, and STC, plus small factories, with a total monthly production capacity of about 10 million pieces (about 2 inches). Currently, LED substrates (about 3 million pieces per month) are supplied. Mobile phone optics (lens cover plus home button about 1 million pieces) more than enough.

However, Samsung and Chinese mobile phones like to follow Apple's specifications. Once they follow up with the sapphire screen, the production capacity of the ingot will immediately become huge. With 50 million monthly shipments of non-Apple smart phones, as long as one-fifth of the sapphire screens are used, the demand for flat films exceeds 40 million pieces (about 2 inches), which is equivalent to 4 of the global ingot production capacity. Times. At present, many crystal rod factories in China have greatly expanded production, but whether the quality can be used together is unknown. This is why Apple originally sought GT exclusive supply, not looking for goods in the existing market, in order to avoid the price increase and lack of material, affecting iPhone shipments.

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