IR Gen8 1200V IGBT technology platform improves efficiency and durability for industrial applications

International Rectifier Company (InternaTIonal RecTIfier, referred to as IR) launched a new generation of insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology platform. The new eighth-generation (Gen8) 1200V IGBT technology platform utilizes IR's next-generation trench gate field stop technology to provide superior performance for industrial and energy-saving applications.

The new Gen8 design allows the top Vce (on) to reduce power consumption, increase power density, and provide excellent durability. Pan Dawei, vice president of sales for IR Asia Pacific, said: "IR has demonstrated our commitment to improving power electronics technology through decades by developing new benchmark technologies and top-notch IGBT silicon platforms. We look forward to providing 100% frequency conversion for all electric motors To use electricity more efficiently and to green the environment. "

The new technology provides better soft-shutdown functions for motor drive applications, helping to minimize dv / dt, thereby reducing electromagnetic interference and overvoltage to improve reliability and durability. The parameter distribution of this platform is narrow. When multiple IGBTs are connected in parallel in a high current power module, it can bring excellent current distribution. Thin wafer technology improves thermal resistance and reaches a maximum junction temperature of 175 ° C.

Pan Dawei said: "IR's Gen8 IGBT platform is designed to provide superior technology for industrial applications. The IGBT platform solves the difficult problems facing the industrial market with top-notch Vce (on), excellent durability and first-class switching functions. . "

Samples of IR's Gen8 1200V IGBT platform are now available to all major original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and original design manufacturers (ODM) partners.

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