Smart home in hand retailer retail model coming

Smart home in hand retailer retail model coming Smart home is a sunrise industry, but why has it not been put on the agenda for a long time? Marketing is one of the issues. How to do a good job in the marketing of the user market and get products to the market to gain public recognition is the real way out of the smart home market. At present, many companies in smart homes have adopted a traditional sales model. Factory outlets or agents are sought, but the retail market has not received enough attention. Starting this year, some smart home companies have gradually entered the retail market.

Gome: GKB Whole House mobile control smart home products stationed in Guangzhou Gome Tianhe Victoria store.

Jingdong Mall: LG, the world’s leading consumer electronics brand, and Jingdong Mall have launched a sales storm for audio and video entertainment products. The products include LG's home audio systems, home theater and Blu-ray high-definition players and other home audio and video systems.

Suning Appliance: Honeywell has joined Suning Appliance's "Suning Private Home" program to customize smart home solutions for its customers, and it will be listed in the core stores in Suning nationwide.

In the interim, major electrical appliances stores staged a series of cooperation. The downturn in the smart home market over the years seemed to have found a flashpoint.

When consumers and users purchase smart home products, they also include its solutions and services. Unlike other products, smart homes require professional technicians to install, wire, debug, and maintain later, so they demonstrate the smart home service. The importance of the service also indicates that after-sales service is the key to the company’s foothold in the market. As far as the current market development status and user experience are concerned, the smart home system is not yet stable, and there are more or less minor problems. When the after-sales service is very important. On the other hand, the installation of smart homes is still relatively complicated. Professional construction technicians are required to install them at home. Therefore, the installation and construction of smart home products is also an aspect that manufacturers must pay attention to.

The new era of smart home marketing, whether the advent of smart home retail model suddenly fired up, but this phenomenon indicates whether a new era of marketing it? Is this really a marketing revolution? Some people firmly believe that this is a future, and some people view the fire across the shore, and some people believe that this needs to be proved through follow-up exploration.

Industry experts said that it will take some time for smart home companies to enter large-scale retail stores. However, this is only a trend. Before the smart home is generally accepted by the common people, the retailer bears great risks. From the point of view of manufacturers, because current manufacturers are still in their own time, they are in a competitive relationship with each other. If they choose to enter a retail store, competition among brands will increase. This is also the current major manufacturers. The issues considered. At the same time, although smart homes have been included in the application demonstration projects in the nine key areas, many people think that smart homes will usher in the peak of development, and their products are gradually entering the homes of ordinary people. However, most manufacturers still target high-income people as the target consumer groups. Currently, they are entering the retail market with smart home products that are easy to install. From another perspective, low-end products such as smart lighting, home video, and smart surveillance are more popular in the retail market.

In general, no matter whether the smart home retail market has been opened, we can already see the figures and retail prices of smart home products and various products of different smart home brands in Gome, Jingdong, Taobao and Suning Appliances. For different types of consumers to provide a wider range of consumer choices. Through experience and comparison, consumers can understand the latest products and prices of well-known smart home companies at home and abroad and purchase smart home products that meet their needs. This is already a big step forward for the smart home industry.

We believe that with the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology and the support of national policies, with the joint efforts of industry professionals, experts, manufacturers and integrators, we will continue to innovate smart home marketing models and bring more smart home concepts to consumers. In the near future, it will create a perfect and comfortable and full of personalized and humane intelligent life for more users.

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