Zhongshan Institute of Science and Technology is supported by Taiwanese technology to develop aluminum nitride LED technology

The 2nd Research Institute of the Institute of Science and Technology and the Institute of Science and Technology of the Institute of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Economics of Taiwan cooperated to develop wafer-level aluminum nitride LED technology, and its 20W ultra-high power VISES series LED aluminum nitride package The lamp bead product has successfully passed the quality verification requirement of the US Energy Star Energy lumen maintenance rate (LM-80) in November.
Under the government's Green Energy Technology Development Policy, the Technical Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan plans to develop industrial technologies in the energy field. Among them, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed high-heat-conducting wafer-level aluminum nitride technology through the science and technology plan. Because aluminum nitride has high thermal conductivity, High insulation, high breakdown voltage and high electron transfer rate, the best electronic components are insulated and heat-dissipating the substrate.
Optimistic about the application prospects of aluminum nitride substrates , Caiyu Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have jointly developed wafer-level aluminum nitride LED technology, which integrates the technology of wafer-level packaging process technology and the wafer-level aluminum nitride package substrate of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Technology and technology is introduced into product development and mass production.
8-inch LED aluminum nitride substrate
Caiyu Technology adopts aluminum nitride wafer-level LED packaging technology. The advantage of this technology is that it can introduce 8吋 semiconductor process for product development, which opens up a high industrial value for Taiwan wafer foundry equipment and effectively reduces process cost. Initial evaluation of mass production, the cost is lower than the traditional packaging, and the yield is higher.
After product testing, the aluminum alloy packaged LED product VISES 9090 20W was tested at 1800 hours under the test temperature of 85 °C. The product lumen maintenance rate was above 95% on average. The test data was higher than the LM-80 specification in indoor residential. The 91.8% lumen maintenance rate is also higher than the 94.1% lumen maintenance requirement for outdoor residential and commercial applications. It shows that the aluminum nitride technology developed by the Ministry of Economics is designed to achieve excellent performance in ultra-high power LEDs. Up to the world's top level, the introduction of high-power packaging components applications, energy-saving effect will be better than the general LED, for Taiwan LED lighting manufacturers through the LM-80 test LED lamp beads and high-quality products mass production listed, provide a big guarantee, and Helping them to quickly enter the global lighting market.
VISES 9090 20W aluminum nitride substrate package lamp beads
In addition, the company will also develop automotive, security surveillance (IR) and clean technology (UV) LED applications to meet the diverse needs of customers. The company will continue to work hard with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to become the main backing for LED lighting manufacturers to enter the global LED lighting market.

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