Wind River helps Olympus medical product development cycle and cost to be greatly reduced

Electronic enthusiasts news : Olympus chose Wind River Platform for Medical Devices and Wind River Test Management based on VxWorks system as the development tool for high-frequency electric burner ESG-400. Wind River's automated software testing framework helped Olympus pass the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification. Wind River products shortened the time required for ESG-400 to obtain quality certification and product certification by 20%.

Wind River, a provider of embedded and mobile software, recently announced that Olympus, a leader in minimally invasive surgical technology, has used Wind River Medical Device Software Development Platform product Wind River Platform for Medical Devices and test management product Wind River Test Management The development cycle and cost of its latest high-frequency electric burner ESG-400 have been greatly reduced.

In order to make ESG-400 the first to go on the market, Olympus not only needs to actively manage costs and control budgets, but also needs to pass product safety verification efficiently to obtain IEC 62304 certification and approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Choosing Wind River Platform for Medical Devices, a platform product based on Wind River Real-Time Operating System VxWorks, and Wind River Test Management, an automated software testing framework product, allows Olympus to easily deal with complex challenges.

With Wind River Platform for Medical Devices, Olympus shortened its overall equipment development cycle by 15%, successfully seized the industry market for the first time, and reduced R & D costs by approximately 15%. Using Wind River Test Management, Olympus shortened the time for its products to meet the quality requirements (successfully completed all required tests) by 20%, and also shortened the time to complete the regulatory certification application documents by 20%. Lutz Kersten, surgical software manager at Olympus, said: "Wind River provides a comprehensive solution that not only includes software, but also includes strong customer support, training and professional services to ensure that our products can quickly obtain FDA certification and success To the market. Through Wind River ’s professional assistance in IEC62304 and FDA certification, we have been able to quickly and smoothly pass the software audit and launch the FDA-certified ESG-400 product in advance.

Santhosh Nair, General Manager of Smart Platform at Wind River, said: "With Wind River's comprehensive solutions, Olympus can continue to launch high-quality products and continue to occupy the market opportunities in the medical industry. We provide Olympus with complete solutions and customized services. It can well meet the needs of customers, so that customers can focus more on their core competitiveness and develop applications. "

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