British designers invent "gravity lights"

British designers invent "gravity lights" In the modern society where energy-saving and emission-reduction concepts have been integrated into our daily lives, environmental protection lights are not a rare thing, and renewable energy such as solar energy and wind power is no longer a technology unheard of. However, can you imagine having an eco-friendly lamp that can provide lighting at any time, any place?

With the descent of heavy objects under the lamp, it can convert this gravity into electrical energy and continue to provide 30 minutes of lighting.

According to reports, British London designers Martin Redford and Jim Rivers have begun to work hard to achieve such a concept of eco-friendly lights.

According to reports, the two designers have found a very clever source of energy for this light: this "renewable energy source" can be obtained at any time, whether in the daytime or at night, regardless of where you are on the earth, and How the local weather conditions, it can achieve lighting, and this "renewable energy" is gravity.

The operation principle of this gravity light is similar to that of a floor-mounted pendulum clock, and it is powered by suspended weights. The gravity light is equipped with a rope at the lower end. The user only needs to lift the weight hanging from the end of the rope to the top. This eco-friendly lamp can convert the gravity of the heavy object down to electricity, and continue to achieve 30 minutes of lighting. By repeatedly lifting the heavy object, the user can use the lighting device anytime where there is gravity.

The gravity light research team introduced on the financing platform: “After putting forward the concept of heavy power generation, we have been working on several years of efforts to constantly modify the original design plan and have been preparing for production until now. We hope to produce, produce and distribute at least 1,000 gravity lamps of this kind are provided free of charge to the residents of poverty-stricken areas in Africa and India for their daily use, and once positive feedback is obtained from this attempt, we will seek cooperation with non-governmental organizations and provide them as much as possible. In many regions, the price of this light will be less than US$5 (approximately RMB31.27) after mass production.”

At present, kerosene lamps are still used in some poor areas in developing countries. In view of this situation, it is very important to find a clean, low-cost and easy-to-use lighting technology. This will not only make people living in these areas safer and healthier, but also reduce the pollution caused by kerosene lamps.

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