In the era of big data, let smart hardware "dry"!

Although Apple's first iOS watch, iWatch, is still in secret testing, the "wearable computing device fever" triggered by iWatch has been unsuccessful. The length of deep sleep in the middle of the night, the calories burned during the daytime... From the circle of friends in the circle of friends, more and more people love to show their own on the UP bracelet, smart devices have begun to appear unstoppable popularity. Of course, there is still a long way to go before the overwhelming “anti-day”.

"There is no milk, buy some tomatoes", while opening the refrigerator and chanting a few words on the Bluetooth smart interactive headset hanging around the neck, the mobile memo will automatically generate a shopping list; how is the formaldehyde, temperature and humidity of the new home? In this way, you don't have to try "toxic", the mobile phone can be remotely monitored in real time; wirelessly connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth technology, the navigation information can be projected to the windshield in real time; your blood pressure, weight, bone density, measured directly It can be sent to the mobile phone for regular health management. Where is the baby, there is the first wearable device designed for children, safe positioning and health monitoring integration; even the dog walking out, there is also the first pet intelligent positioning and tracking system in China. It is a "wearable device" specially designed for pets... At the Baidu Intelligent Hardware Summit, a big data cow but a hardware or a short board of Baidu, but combined with Haier, Kelon, Huawei, E Road A number of hardware companies such as Hanghai and Canon have released more than 20 smart hardware products equipped with Baidu technology.

Specifically, the intelligent hardware products that join this program will be open to Baidu's technology ports such as cloud storage, video playback and decoding, picture recognition, intelligent voice, security, and LBS. In addition, this kind of hardware products can also enjoy certain discounts in marketing. Jingdong Mall will provide lower entry barriers, more favorable sales fees, and display in important page areas. According to Baidu's cloud design ideas on smart hardware, Baidu currently has a complete cloud storage database. Through the analysis of big data mining of the database, it can provide users with accurate technical support. Users who purchase smart hardware devices upload personal data. To the cloud, Baidu Dulife will collect multi-dimensional health data clusters through smart devices, and the hardware manufacturers with cooperation will push the data to the users to push corresponding health life suggestions, including fitness plans, weight loss recipes, etc., to their physical data. Professional in-depth interpretation and provide personalized and accurate health solutions.

According to the "China Wearable Device Market Research Report" released by Ai Media Consulting, it is estimated that by 2015, the market for wearable devices in the Chinese market will exceed 40 million units and the market size will reach 11.49 billion yuan. Subdivided into various fields, market applications such as sports health, recreation, smart switches, medical health and other market applications have taken the top four.

Previously, the development of intelligent hardware was more limited by the limitations of the industrial chain and could not be implemented. The upstream end includes hardware elements such as flexible screens, sensors, processor chips, batteries, and FPCs; the middle reaches are mainly software and hardware systems for voice interaction technology, receivers, touch modules, and body-related products; downstream are OEMs and Most of the finished products, the main business includes appearance and functional design, experimental development, development of molds and custom assembly. Every link, this is still in the "individual politics" stage.

However, under the opening tide of the mobile Internet, Internet giants such as Baidu and Alibaba have launched the idea of ​​“cloud”. With the flexible injection of big data, more and more hardware products can play "smart cards." Although the current first round of smart hardware is just a concept, in the next few years, big data is expected to quickly make more intelligent hardware "dry"!

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