What are the lighting design?

Lighting design is not only art but also technology. In order to do a good job in lighting design, we must be people-oriented, strengthen communication with the owners, figure out what ideas they want to express, what kind of artistic conception they want, and what style they prefer. Pay attention to the brightness level relationship and contrast relationship of light, and try to figure out how people feel in space, and express their emotions through artistic conception.

living room

The main light selects multiple circuits, free to choose lighting, leisure and meeting mode to avoid waste. When watching TV or reading a book, there is no need to open the main light, table lamp or floor lamp to work, both light and warm atmosphere.


Gathering or reading a book, just put a bedside lamp. Generally, there is no ceiling light, and even if you want to install a ceiling light, you must follow the warm principle.

Children's room and elderly room

The overall tone is brighter and more convenient for the elderly and children to ensure safety and practicality.

Because children are in the developmental stage, do not choose the LED light of inferior blue light source, so as not to cause color weakness, resulting in myopia, memory loss and other consequences.


The cabinets and cabinets are equipped with lights to facilitate the selection of vegetables, washing vegetables, cooking, cutting vegetables and cooking. At the table, pay attention to selecting lamps that have good color rendering and can restore the true color of the object. These kind of lamps not only make the dishes look more awkward, but also make the atmosphere of the dining more warm and comfortable, and can also achieve the effect of "beauty".


An intelligent lighting system can be used. As long as you have a mobile phone, you can remotely control all the lights. For example, when you are downstairs, you can turn on the lights upstairs to facilitate the key, ensure safety, and create a romantic atmosphere to greet the atmosphere.

Entertainment venue

If it is a resort hotel, it should create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, which will bring you the feeling of being taller. If it is a fashion hotel, it should be targeted at the target group and adopt a unique design to create a eye-catching and pleasing feeling. If it is a clubhouse Try to reflect the sense of culture, history, and sense of weight; if it is a teahouse, try to create privacy.

football field

Accurately calculate each point, pay attention to the upper and lower plane illumination, the elevation illumination, the front light and the side light, which is convenient for the referee to look back and supervise, enhance the recognition of the team's clothes, and facilitate the reporter to shoot from various angles and live broadcast on the TV station to prevent it. The audience interfered with the players.

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