At the present stage, LED street lights are not energy efficient?

Often talking about a problem, will stand in their own position, and it will always be the common sense to debate their own opinions. There are a lot of debates on LED lighting, which can be described as "hot". Before the debate, I think everyone will know who can win! The reason is very simple. The future is that LED has no suspense, just a matter of time. Obstructing the time process comes from two aspects, one is light efficiency; the other is cost performance.

When we were watching a movie, we encountered a dispute between justice and evil. The gangsters and the public security officers did it. We will understand very well the outcome. Now you only appreciate the process. It's just the best analogy to the LED Lighting Debate. I think it's actually a good idea, instead of paying the taxpayer's money for LED lighting projects. The country's input should be mostly LED basic application research, which is beneficial to the development of the entire LED industry.

Usually LED lighting design lamps are halved in traditional energy-saving lamps. For example, 40W fluorescent tube LED design generally uses less than 20W power; 250W street light uses LED street light, usually designed to about 100W power. This is the reason why LED lighting is now energy-saving. If we directly reduce the power of traditional lamps by half, power saving is the same effect.

Why is the power halved design, the main cost problem, the cost can be divided into direct price cost and heat input cost. At present, the design cost of LED lighting fixtures is 10 times that of traditional energy-saving lamps. The power reduction design is the most effective way to reduce costs. LED luminaire design increases with the concentration of power, the cost will increase with the index, and even the design can not be completed. Imagine the cost and cooling conditions of a streetlight with a 250W design.

LED lighting has a "directivity theory." The reason is that the LED has a high degree of light directivity, and the emitted light is fully utilized to the front. For me personally, I don't oppose this theory, I don't agree with this point of view. I hope that we all still look at this issue from a pragmatic attitude. When designing the product, it is necessary to reflect the surrounding and behind the light to the front for reasonable utilization to achieve the desired concentrating effect. Traditional lamps have always been used in this way. The LED can't withstand the higher junction temperature, and needs enough cross-sectional area to conduct heat. Otherwise, the 360-degree LED can be connected in a line segment.

The LED directivity is actually the result of the optical structure of the package bracket. The "directivity theory" is the current explanation of the LED energy-saving theory "life-saving straw". From the historical development point of view, there are precedents in this respect.

A few years ago, domestic LED miner's lamp design manufacturers used 8mm small-angle LED design miner's lamp. The good directivity satisfies the national coal mine safety standards. The brightness can be seen at a glance and the traditional lamps are much lower. In our miners, only the right Without the mine, there is no right to choose which kind of luminaire to use, and this luminaire is accepted only if it can only be heard.

The same is true for street lighting, and some things are not left to the general public. Streets will be set up with symmetrical 4-10 street light sources for beautiful street lights. I remember that in order to save electricity in my hometown, only 1-2 rows of lights will be turned on at night, but in Shenzhen, no matter how many street lights will be lit. Then, do we criticize the hometown for insufficient illumination or praise the government for pragmatic savings? Or does it mean that Shenzhen’s economic strength does not care, or criticize Shenzhen for being too wasteful? At 3 am, from Shenzhen Luohu to Shekou, there is no way to see the streetlights Half, I did not see a partial shutdown of the street light.

It is very difficult to appreciate the moonlight on the streets of Shenzhen at night. When we were young, we used kerosene lamps to learn, and we didn’t feel that we couldn’t see them. I don’t know how to use them again. It’s said that the father of Blu-ray’s “Nakamura Shuji” to “Sichuan University” speech can only vaguely see the emergence of blue light. At that time, the students were very excited. Now what do you want to see if you meet him?

It is the most basic for designing products to meet national standards, but it needs to be widely recognized. It still takes time to confirm that a few people's opinions are for reference only and cannot be simply concluded. I am still saying "the theory of energy-saving directionality, disapproval, and no objection."

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