MediaTek catches up with Google's performance

MediaTek expanded its international first-line brand customers to pass the news, and the industry reported that MediaTek’s first 64-bit 4G LTE smartphone system single chip was adopted by Google’s new smartphones, which will be released in the second half of the year, and became an important partner for Google’s return to the Chinese market. For the second half of the performance of MediaTek.

MediaTek's speech system did not comment on the status of orders received yesterday (22), only stressed that improving the penetration rate of international brand factories is the company's current target.

The industry is optimistic, after MediaTek's 64-bit mobile phone chip is adopted by Google, it will attract Sony, LG, HTC, and even the world's smart machine leader Samsung and other big coffee to follow up and expand the adoption, for MediaTek to grab a number of beachheads and drive them. Mobile phone chip penetration has increased significantly, and it is expected to be operational.

It is understood that MediaTek attaches great importance to this cooperation with Google. Relevant R&D personnel have recently entered Google to provide technical support and accelerate the introduction of Google's new machine into the market.

At the end of last year, Xie Qingjiang, general manager of MediaTek, decided to use the "eight-core starter, 4G pick-up, 64-bit finale" as the combat strategy for this year's anti-power Qualcomm, and will hold a new brand presentation in Beijing today, proclaiming The determination to sprint the first-line brand customers.

Industry insiders pointed out that after withdrawing from the Chinese market in 2010, Google has always wanted to return to the local market to seize the business opportunities of low-end mobile devices. At the beginning of this year, Google obtained about 5% of Lenovo’s equity through the sale of Motorola’s mobile phone division. In this way, the relationship with the Chinese local industry is closer.



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