Visa Boer South China (Shenzhen) Service Center was established

At the end of 2013, Whistpool successfully developed a high-color and high-efficiency GY (GaYAG) series of aluminate phosphors with peak wavelengths of 515, 520, 525, 530, 535, 540, 545, which became the new benchmark for green powder in 2014, with a 10% increase in brightness.

In order to better serve the South China market, Whistler established the South China Service Center in Shiyan, Shenzhen in February 2014. The establishment of the service center has greatly reduced the delivery cycle and product-related after-sales service.

The initiative is also based on the company's customer-oriented, value-creating business philosophy, helping customers develop newer and better products, while making Whistler highly visible GaYAG, LuAG, YAG series aluminates. Phosphors can be further promoted to achieve a win-win situation.

(This article is from Wisconsin)

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