Xiaochun Japanese restaurant restaurant lighting design

In the field planning, the project will narrow the scope of the original indoor space, and use the abandoned mud rack to high base. The restaurant itself forms a stage of high and low drop, changing the visual experience of pedestrians moving, and simultaneously expanding the outdoor. The walking space of the corridor is covered with a large area of ​​glass instead of the wall, eliminating the boundary between the inside and the outside, forming a highly transparent horizontal view, and proposing the concept of “community landscape sharing gallery”, which surrounds the space. surroundings.

Through the artistic transfer of the imagery, the food is transformed into landscaping, including sashimi composed of basalt slices, sushi sliced ​​by the original stone slice, and the meal is placed in the view, with a spring-like water-like setting at the entrance. The natural setting of drifting rafters forms another landscape of urban landscapes. The LED light source in the dining area and corridor area just creates a kind of beauty.

Edit: Cedar

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