Shell Electronic CEO: Deep-growing wearable structure ecological chain

When it comes to wearable devices, we can't help mentioning smart watches. It is reported that Google is currently developing its own smart watch products. At the same time, Apple is also developing iWatch; Samsung's smart watch Galaxy Gear is already on the market; with the technical advantages of Kinect, Microsoft is more likely Become a dark horse in the wearable field; ZTE announced that it will launch wearable devices at the end of 2013. The first smart watch Grand Watch has been quietly on-line, which means taking a substantial step into the field of wearable devices; and Sony’s Smart Watch MN2 SmartWatch and so on, we will not go into details here, let's take a look at the performance of the shell electronic in the world's first truly smart watch GEAK Watch in the field of wearable devices.

GEAK Watch is the world's first truly smart watch launched by Shell Electronics. GEAK Watch has independent computing, operation and networking capabilities from mobile phones, deep communication sensing capabilities, intelligent operating system, upgrade and expansion. ability. Users can use Gwatch to customize the watch interface, watch time, weather, news, send and receive phone information; use the watch to sleep, heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure monitoring; use the watch to control the projection device; defined as the hand station network function can also make the watch Deliver information without being connected to the Internet; you can use your watch to control your phone to take photos. These all reflect the strong innovation ability of Shell Electronics and not to be the name of the most influential innovative smart wear company in China. Correspondingly, the American business magazine "Fast Company" selected the top ten most innovative companies in China in 2014.

Shell CEO: Deep plowable wearable tectonic ecological chain

Guotao CEO Gu Xiaobin

According to the prediction of Credit Suisse Group, the current global wearable market is about US$3 billion to US$500 million. It is expected to grow into a huge market of US$30 billion to US$50 billion in the next two to three years. There will be no less than 50%, and there are huge business opportunities in the entire industry. In particular, with the popularity of 4G and mobile terminals, China's domestic wearable market will also see explosive growth. Faced with such a huge market prospect, Guotao CEO Gu Xiaobin said that Chinese companies can seize market opportunities well, but they need to study hard. Shell Electronics will continue to deepen the wearable market in 2014.

Although wearable devices such as smart watches and Google glasses have aroused great interest among consumers, the actual performance of consumers in this field in 2013 is still hard to say. At present, these products are still only attracting market attention. . But 2014 will be a year of turning wearable technology into a consumer space, with the two most common forms of smart watches and fitness tracking wristbands gaining popularity. Gu Xiaobin believes that, especially in the field of medical and fitness, wearable devices will spread faster than infotainment products.

In 2014, the wearable device market will be more open. As more companies join the market for wearable devices, price declines will become a trend, and the future of wearable devices will be more widely used. With the advent of the 4G era, wearable devices are expected to be applied in more fields. In 2014, it was expected to be a wearable device for many years. The development of wearable technology products needs to find breakthroughs in both innovation and industry sectors. In these two aspects, Shell Electronics has always been at the forefront of the industry. Gu Xiaobin is optimistic about the market in 2014. Shell Electronics is optimizing a new generation of products, including the use of new materials, new solutions, new industrial design and manufacturing processes, and more follow-up service support. More than 500,000 shipments.

For limiting the development factors of wearable devices, such as cost and communication standards, Gu Xiaobin believes that these will not hinder the development of the industry for a long time. At present, it is necessary to solve the problem of good power consumption. To achieve the take-off in the wearable market, we must first solve the power consumption. The problem. Compact and portable is an important feature of wearable devices, and for reasons of size, the challenge of power consumption is of particular concern for these resource-constrained, battery-operated products. Therefore, the shell electronic solution is solved with low power consumption. On the one hand, it improves the efficiency of power supply, on the other hand, it looks for a more suitable and larger battery to increase the supply of electricity.

While reducing the power consumption, the shell electronic has deep cultivation of the design and internal technology. At the same time, it has also made great efforts to construct the ecological chain. The shell released the world's first smart watch market, enriching the types of application software and participating. The preparation of the Wearable Equipment Committee promotes the improvement of the entire industry ecosystem.

Gu Xiaobin also said that wearable devices as the next hotspot of smart terminals, with the maturity of the basic conditions of mobile Internet, especially the matching of cloud technology and big data, will inject more topics into the wearable device industry chain. Wearable devices are not just independent smart terminals, but also a window for collecting data. Data is sent to the central hub of the cloud for analysis and plays a more important role for other services. There will be more market opportunities here. For example, mobile medical care, in which the analysis of the patient's data is very important, the relevant industry chain will also usher in development opportunities.

—— This article is selected from the February issue of the electronic enthusiast network, "Wearable Technology Special Issue", please indicate the source, please do not investigate!

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