Creative flip book light

Creative flip book light

Recently, foreign designer Max Gunawan has designed a creative LED lamp named Lumio. The appearance of this lamp is the same as ordinary books. It can be freely opened and closed, and it is very easy to place in some small spaces. Space, but also easy for people to use.

It is understood that this LED lamp "book cover" is made of real wood, with excellent hardness, well protected inside the folding lampshade and light bulb. In addition, an industrial-strength neodymium magnet is embedded in the book cover to allow people to absorb it on the surface of any magnetic object. When used, people simply open it like a book, then its built-in LED lights will automatically emit light, the maximum can almost illuminate the 360-degree range, and the layout is also very diverse.

At the same time, this LED light can emit 500 lumens, equivalent to the brightness of a 40W incandescent bulb, and the built-in lithium battery supports 8 hours of lighting time under full power conditions. As a result, the user can move it almost anywhere and is no longer disturbed by the power cord.

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