Introduction to the control of electronic devices in circuit breakers

The operating mechanism of the traditional vacuum circuit breaker is a typical mechanical system. The core of the mechanism is the connecting rod and the latch. There are many links, the accumulated motion tolerance is large and the response is slow. The energy reserve required for fast movement also depends on the spring or compressed air. Mechanical methods, poor controllability and low efficiency, the response time of the operating mechanism is generally greater than 10ms.

The permanent magnet operating mechanism uses the permanent magnet to realize the locking function, which greatly reduces the transmission link and has high controllability. Therefore, a powerful microprocessor or D6P chip can be used to achieve full digital control of the permanent magnet mechanism, and the first problem to be solved is to require reliable electrical control of the operating energy. The reasonable part of the excavated DC electromagnetic operating mechanism can solve this problem.

The improved DC insulated ladder electromagnetic mechanism using capacitors as the excitation power supply can be used for precise operation of the switching circuit breaker. The emergence of permanent magnet operating mechanism is to simplify components and improve reliability.

But the far-reaching significance is to improve the controllability, from the original millisecond-level mechanical control time to microsecond-level electrical signal control, from mechanical energy storage and mechanical tripping to electrical energy storage, the electrical signal directly triggers the action (electronic trip Buckle), the power source of the mechanism is an energy storage capacitor controlled by power electronic devices.

Resistor (Resistor) commonly known as resistance directly in our daily life.It is a current limiting element. When the resistance is connected to the circuit, the resistance value of the resistor is fixed, usually two pins.Fixed resistors are those whose resistances cannot be changed.Resistance variable is called potentiometer or variable resistor.The ideal resistor is linear, that is, the instantaneous current through the resistor is proportional to the applied instantaneous voltage.Variable resistor for partial pressure.On the exposed resistor body, one or two movable metal contacts are pressed tightly.The contact position determines the resistance between any end of the resistance body and the contact.

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